Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

The title of this post is a reference from the movie "The Godfather- part 3," and it has to do with my 
self imposed exile from cable news. As I have mentioned here before, I gave up Cable news for Lent.
I have had no tell tale signs of withdrawal from the crap that spews from the mouths of talking heads 24/7, so I have decided to give up cable news for life. I feel good about it.

So I innocently turn on ESPN yesterday, expecting to find the scores of the previous nights basketball playoff games and instead I learn that the owner of one NBA franchise, the Los Angeles Clippers, is a racist. Keep in mind, his basketball team is made up of many if not all black athletes. 

If you had not heard this story yet, it is confusing, but in a nut shell it goes something like this. Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers, is about 150 years old, and his girlfriend, is about 3 years old, and a tape recording surfaced ( see, TMZ is a quality news organization ) of a conversation between old bigot white man and the young girl, who happens to be Mexican and African American.

The audio recording goes on for a few minutes ( and is so clear I wondered if a TMZ sound man was sitting on the couch between them with a microphone.) and it seems old racist white man was in quite a snit because his girlfriend had her picture taken with one Magic Johnson, him self a black man, and the photo was posted on the girlfriends Instagram account. Let me tell you, white Donald was not a happy camper.

Old white bigot racist man tried to calmly explain to his Mexican/African American girl friend, that she should not be putting pictures like THAT, of her with a black man, out for the public to see. He went on to say, you can call them, you can visit with them, you can feed them, you can **** them, I don't care, but don't be seen in public with THEM. Why couldn't she see his point???


He owns and has become a millionaire many times over because of the black athlete's that he employs on his team. I mean, I understand that white bigot Don is 175 years old, but Don, let me give you some relationship advice....when your girl friend is half African American, don't be calling her out because she had a picture taken with Magic Johnson and put it on Instagram. I don't think you'll be getting lucky tonight racist Don.

White bigot Donald Sterling, who is close to 199 years of age, is running his team like he's a plantation owner. That's not a good thing in 2014.

To the credit of many NBA sportscasters, who are sometimes afraid to say the wrong thing for fear of hurting someones feelings or getting in trouble with the network they work for, are coming out swinging. Charles Barkley, a "shoot from the hip" at all times type of guy came right out on TV and said Donald Sterling should be fined and suspended immediately. Jeff Vangundy, another favorite sportscaster of mine who happens to be white, said Sterling should be fined immediately, removed  from power immediately and wondered aloud if the Clipper players  should loose the next game on purpose, as a statement of disapproval. He then ended his comments by saying no NBA player should be made to play for a bigot. 

I agree.

I do believe old white bigot racist Don has a bumpy road ahead.


On a lighter note,
my boat is in the shipyard.
I hate shipyards.

Here's why.

"Look how they massacred my boy."
( another godfather reference, sorry.)

My normally pristine engine room
that took us 3 years, since we left the previous shipyard,
to get all nice and pretty,
has been destroyed in a matter of 3 weeks,
by uncaring shipyard workers.

It happens every time.

I hate shipyards.


Island Woman MJ said...

No matter where you go, there is plenty of news about hate. But good deal on the opting out of cable news. I did the same online (usually don't have television unless I'm housesitting) around the beginning of the year, deleted most of my political subscriptions and feel a fair amount more sane. That's by local standards however. Good luck!

Joey said...

Great Story telling! That 200 year old white man? LMFAO.

But about the engine room? I swear I can relate. I know you don't have boys but I cry every time I go in their room. If I cleaned it the day before? 12 hours later it looks like your engine room. How the HELL do they do that in their sleep????

I feel your pain, Mark. That's BAD!

Susie said...

Mark, I kept laughing at how old Don was getting...I may be opinionated here...but I can't stand seeing old crusty, beyond their prime, men with young know what that's all about. The news media will never let him rest now.:):)
Can you report the shipyards for their nasty disrespect of your ship. I remember seeing a photo of your engine room and commenting on how clean it was....I totally can not believe the mess it's in now. Somebody needs to be horsewhipped. Wishing you a good week, but it's going to all spent cleaning. xoxo,Susie

Formerly known as Frau said...

I heard about this on the news today also and supposedly it's not a news flash to many that this man is a bigot but the fact it's gone on and his team as been subjected to it is unbelievable! I hate that he is profiting from the same people he insults! I say ban him for Basketball. Sorry about your engine room....I hope it doesn't take years to get back to the condition you left it in. Have a great week,

Marilyn said...

Whew! What is it with these old, rich guys that think they can get away with whatever they want to say. I hope he pays the price for his bigotry!

Jerral Miles said...

When I feel the impulse to turn to a news channel, from now on I'm going to ignore it and check your BLOG for news and insights in to what's going on in the world. I'd like to think Old White Bigot Don might learn a lesson, but I'm guessing he got to the age he is now without learning much about himself or about women...

Karen said...

He is a dirty racist old man who should not weild the power he has. I wished his players had boycotted the game altogether instead of wearing their practice jersey's inside out, what an absolute a$$. That taped conversation disgusts me, how can anyone in their right mind feel good about that attitude in todays world... and yet, it's still out there.

Love your spin, as always. :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, I thought he was 225 years old!!!
The shipyard people should be fined and fired as well….that is just not nice!