Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gone Missing?

I was talking to my daughter yesterday and she said, "You haven't updated your blog recently." I had a flashback to high school with mom saying, "I haven't seen much homework getting done lately."
I didn't have an excuse in High School and for the blog, still no excuse.

What I said to my daughter was, " I don't know, just not feeling it." And that part is true.
Am I running out of things to say?

I know one thing that has had an impact on my blogging is my company's new policy about sharing anything company related on line. No pictures of the boats allowed. No pictures of fellow workers allowed. No information is to be shared on social media about where the boat is or where it is going, even though there are various websites on line that track ALL vessel movements in the world. Type in the name of the boat, and, there you have it.

I believe I shared this news in a post on here a while back, but I've been so inactive as a blogger that I don't even remember what I said if I did. Anyway, since 1/2 of my life is spent on a boat, that's 50% of possible blog posts that I AM NOT ALLOWED to write about. I turned 60 recently, and I'm really getting tired of "not being allowed" to do stuff. Actually when I was 59 I felt the same way. 

I also think that Facebook plays some small part in my blogger inactivity. I can't really explain why. Just a hunch. But I think there is a trend. As I got more active on updating my FB status with very important must read information like, "Chris Christy for President....REALLY," the more inactive I got posting on my blog. 

So anyway, today  I was standing on the back deck of our boat today and I spent a half hour watching this little guy piddle around. 

What was strange was he didn't seem too excited that I was nearby. Unlike my feathered friends who visit my feeders in the back yard at home, I could get really close to this guy, say about 3 or 4 feet away, and he would just sort of hop away a little. At home all I have to do is start to open the door to the deck to have all the birds scatter in a panicked frenzy, as if I were attacking them with a semi-automatic.

This guys movements aren't panicked. It's more like he's stepping aside to let me by. The only thing missing would be him saying, "Oh, excuse me."
The other strange thing is, he seems to be eating anything small enough that fits in his beak. And let me be clear, there isn't one edible thing on the stern of this boat.

So I wondered, is he actually eating the rust and the dirt he is picking up or does he pick it up and quickly drop it, like I do when eating brussels sprouts.

It just seemed strange. He didn't seem to be hurt. He walked around like he owned the joint and his wings worked also, because he would now and again fly up into the air to get on our tow winch, for no apparent reason.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me that this is normal behavior for this particular bird who hangs out on boats near Port Arthur Texas?
I'm also wondering if anyone is reading this?

So that's it for todays excitement. Now, to figure out what to do with this blog. Can't post much about the boat, and even I'm tired of me complaining about this and that in the news, so I know you're sick of it. So, what does that leave? A food blog? A blog of nothing but good news? A travel blog?
Food and travel and good news, ....Oh my.

My friend Karen over at This Old House and once brainstormed about doing a blog with only good news. The bitching and complaining would have to be done elsewhere we concluded. We would have guest bloggers who were like minded. Anyway, just thinking out loud.

We'll see what happens.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2015

No truths

I love painting my family room in the Spring when the weather outside is....Spring-like.

I am not counting down the days, well, years, before I retire.

I hate golf and hopefully I never do it again, ever.

I love brussels sprouts.

I totally get where Bruce Jenner is coming from.

My wife is the neatest painter ever, and never ever spills a drop of paint.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

People watching.....

As I sit at this corner table in a eatery at the New Orleans airport, I'm trying to be invisible as I eat my bowl of red rice and beans.
The food was delicious by the way.

I usually am more receptive to human interaction, but today I sit with laptop open and I have built a little fort using the condiment holder and my water glass, with which to hide behind. I mean, if I were to put up a sign that read, DO NOT BOTHER ME OR MAKE EYE CONTACT....I couldn't be more obvious about my intentions.

And I must say, the message is being well received. It's getting near lunch time and the crowd is getting a bit heavier, but as people walk by, looking for a place to sit, they steer clear of me like I am emitting a magnetic field or something.

I'm usually not like this. I usually seek out someone to interact with, especially if I have 4 hours to kill in an airport. At the very least I would belly up to the bar and stare at the TV, making a comment here and there, to know one in particular. You can do that sitting at the bar you know. You can just blurt out phrases when ever you like, it's normal. But to do that while sitting at a table by yourself, well, you'd get some attention.

Attention isn't what I want today. After 3 weeks on the boat, I just need quiet.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stormy Skies and Hay Rides

Stormy Skies........

Is it a sign of times to come here in the United States?
Or does it only mean it might rain?

I'll go with the latter.


I saw a local Galveston Texas newspaper the other day, titled The Daily News. Ok, so it's not an original name but it has stood the test of time. It has been rolling off the printing press since 1845. I thought, it must be worth reading if it's been around that long!

I did notice a marked difference in the content of this paper compared to say, The Philadelphia Inquirer. This was like a happy paper. No headlines about Isis or how the Republicans are in attack mode against President Obama. No no, not in this Daily News.

The big front page story shouted out the upcoming Tattoo Expo, that was expected to attract thousands to this seaside town. Large color photos of various artists performing their craft adorned the front page. Happy times.....all Tatts and cotton candy. I wish I could have gone, at least the editor of the paper was quite excited about it. 

As I turned the page I was hit flush in the face with more excitement. If the Tattoo Expo isn't your thing, then hop on over to where the 77th Annual Galveston Fair and Rodeo was taking place. I'm telling you,  Galveston was rocking last weekend. Photos of kids on hay rides.....I mean seriously, who doesn't like cute smiling kids on hayrides eating ice cream cones. More happy times! I've never read such a happy happy newspaper.

I thought I'd go to the dark side and turn the page to the "Police Blotter." I'm bound to find some unsavory Galveston criminals here, right? 

The police report says that a theft occurred the other night when a man entered the mens locker room at the local fitness center and helped himself to a guys wallet. SAY IT AIN'T SO GALVESTON!

Galveston seems like a pretty nice place, except for that one dirty scoundrel.

Hope your weekend is a pleasant one.

Friday, April 3, 2015

I love Beitzah

At sunset today Passover began.

My wife is representing the both of us as she is attending
Seder at our close friends house.

Neither of us are of the Jewish Faith but hey
a party's a any Faith.
If they'll have us, we'll go, and we go every year.

But right now I'm working and eating these..

 not really Seder worthy.......

I bet this guy doesn't go to Seder.

If he did, he would probably leave with his pockets full of Beitzah.

Can you tell I'm having a hard time getting over the fact
that some stranger was playing touchy-feely in my closet.

I thought I had some closure
when I caught the guy on video and showed the owner of the company.
Supposedly I'm getting my money back, so that should be that, right?

Well, um, no.
The more I think about what happened the more angry I get.
At the owner, not the thief.

When I had the owner come to my house and look at the above video
I mentioned to him that I expect to get my money back.
IF IT WERE ME, I would have immediately written me a check.
If I didn't have my check book I would have immediately driven to the closest ATM,
to withdrawal $150 and given it to me right then.
That didn't happen, but it should have.

Keep in mind this meeting we had took place
the night before I came back to the boat.
He informed me he would be confronting them that upcoming Friday
on payday. 

and one of my employees was a thief captured on video by one of my customers,
one minute after viewing this video
I would have called this punk and fired him right then.
That didn't happen, but it should have.

So, Friday came and went and no call from Mr. Owner.
If he was going to wait for payday to confront Mr. Thief,
the minute after that meeting was over
he should have called me to fill me in on what happened.
That didn't happen, but it should have. 

When I last talked to Mr. Owner
and reminded him, "I'll be getting a check, right?"
He babbled about taking it out of the kids pay
or maybe he'll just subtract it from what we owe.

You see, the carpet job still isn't done.
Not only were the installers thieves they were lousy installers.
Mr. Owner agreed with me and we had to order more carpet.
The job they did sucked.
Our bedroom has been in our living room for going on 3 weeks.

Anyway, after they finally finish the job,
I'll be chatting again with Mr. Owner to give him some
tips and pointers
on how to treat the customer.

Ok, thanks for listening...
I feel better.

No I don't.

Happy Passover.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter is the Bomb

 As you all know
Easter is just around the corner and you know what that means.

Endless posts in this blog world
concerning nuclear proliferation!

It drives me crazy too.

Speaking of Nukes.....
today there was some good news out of Switzerland,
where the talks between the U.S. and Iran
have John Kerry and President Obama smiling like kids in a candy store.

It's not all said and done, yet
but at least there is some hope.
They call it a "framework,"
and all involved, at least concerning the U.S. point of view
say it's a step in the right direction.

While these talks were going on in Switzerland,
my daughter, who works for Global Zero as their campaign director
was in Athens, Greece
taking part in a few talks of her own. 

Ok, here's what I know.
It's been over 35 years since Iran and the United States
have had a meaningful discussion
about anything.

Last week my daughter flew to Athens
for some No-Nuke meetings.

the big news is
the U.S. and Iran have made progress,
have agreed on a framework of ideas that will basically assure the world
that Iran won't be able to "build the bomb."

Do you see where I'm headed here?

Iran/U.S. not speaking for years?
Last week my daughter fly's  to the EU?

That's all I'm saying.

I hope you have a great Easter.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A post not about Christmas

Abiding by the unwritten
(or written)
rule that states that every blog post
should have a photo....

I give you home made apple pie.

I'm really hungry. 

It is HOMEmade

This "house arrest" I am under photographically is pissing me off.


I saw an ad today...
"ridiculously comfortable holsters"

"Conceal Carry in Comfort."

They go for $35.88

without the gun.

You know, I have no idea if that is a good deal or not.

Public Service Anouncement

For those of you
who have workers come inside your home

never leave them alone.

This carpet installer was very thorough 
checking the bottom of my money jar.

Before we knew our money was missing
we commented on what a nice kid he was.

We were wrong.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Just an update concerning yesterdays post
about CNN and their dogged enthusiasm about getting their hands
on a video from the German airlines plane crash.

I thought I was exaggerating a bit
when I said
if they had a video of the inside of that plane
during the last terror filled moments,
that they would show it 24/7.

I was half kidding.

But it seems a video has come to light.
CNN reports there is a video that was found at the site.
The anchor is almost foaming at the mouth she is so excited about this latest news.

She can't wait to get her hands on this video
so she can show the world
the terror inside the plane during the minutes before it crashed.

What about the loved ones of those victims?
Would they like to see that?
How about the parents of all those school kids that died in that crash?
Do they want to relive that terror?

CNN and all news outlets are just shameless.

My boycott begins now.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Good and Bad

So, I guess that clears THAT up!


I saw 2 things on CNN today.

One made me smile

One almost made me sick.

President Obama spoke today
at the dedication for the Edward M Kennedy Institute
in chilly Boston.

So did many of the old timers
who fought with and against the senior Senator.
The mood was light, with guests
speaking about some of the great accomplishments
of Senator Kennedy.

No matter what side of the isle you reside on,
today there was a truce.
It made me smile.


CNN was covering the disaster
that took place recently
when the co-pilot of that German Airlines plane
murdered all on board
by aiming the nose of the plane into a mountainside
at over 400 miles an hour.

I can't imagine the terror those passengers felt.

But believe me, CNN tried it's level best 
to put me right there in row 11 seat c
when it rolled out it's computer animated airplane and pilot
and walked me through the minute by minute details
of those 9 excruciatingly terror filled minutes
between the time the pilot left the cockpit
and the plane disintegrated into a mountain,
that were captured on the black box voice recorder.

I swear, if CNN could get its hands on a video tape
that actually showed
the one hundred and some passengers
screaming and yelling for 8 minutes before they died,
they would have played it all day.

Seriously, if CNN would just have said,
"The plane nose dived at 400 miles an hour for 8 minutes
before hitting the mountain...."
I actually could have imagined MYSELF
the terror inside that plane. 

CNN made me sick.