Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catching Up

Thought it was time to fire up this little blog once again,
and bring you up to date
with whats been happening.

This photo below is the last one I took
as we were anchored near Nederland Texas
before I was taken off the boat because of a back issue.

Yes, I have joined THAT club.
The club where people start each and every conversation with,
"How's your back?"
I hate that club.

One day I will blog about the days that followed
my removal from the boat
and the idiot doctors I dealt with while hobbling around the streets of Texas,
before I got home.
In hindsight, it's kinda humorous
but I'll save that for later.

The good news is
I made it home one day before Thanksgiving.
The bad news is...
I couldn't sit down.

So, I was given the duty of dishwasher.

The home made apple pie that accompanies every holiday.

My girls came in from Pheonix, DC and Wilmington.
Yeah, that was a good day.

Below is the first shot I ever took with my new tripod.
Nice to have the whole gang in one shot.

As Thanksgiving came and went
the temperatures dropped
and I spent a lot of time watching my little friends out the back door.

Then the snows came.
8 inches of that fluffy white stuff
accumulated on my lawn in a matter of hours one day.
My wife shoveled the driveway.
Did you hear, I have a bad back? 

As the aromas of Thanksgiving dinner faded from my memory
it was time to head out and cut down our Christmas tree.
Yep, you guessed it,
my wife cut the tree.
Did you hear,
I have a bad back?

I feel a bit awkward even mentioning my back problems,
they are minuscule compared to the serious troubles some of our friends on here have.
I only mention it to explain my recent absence.

I have a warm house to sit in over Christmas.
My family will once again huddle up around our fire place.
I'm not looking for street vent to sleep on at night.
I'm doing quite well.

Here's wishing that all my blogger friends have a great holiday,
and hoping my friends who are fighting real battles
find some comfort during this time.
I will be thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

I recall a time quite a few years ago when I injured my back and spent HOURS with a chiropractor and also back massage therapy. They gave me exercises to do and I also walked every day. Best thing he could have done for me. The thing is, if you keep all of your core muscles strong then your back doesn't have to do all the work by itself. Hope things are going better each day for your back and that it is gaining strength once again... Good to see you on your blog!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Holidays!! Sorry about your back problems I hope they are getting better with each day !! Cheers to a healthy happy new year!!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

It's nice your daughters came to visit. I'm glad you got a tripod, use it early and often! It can take a load off your back. I hope you feel better. Merry Christmas!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Welcome back, Mark. Too bad about your back, dang it anyway. I hope it's better before too long and you're able to help your wife with all those manly chores around there. Did your daughter move back from Brussels? I'm sure it's wonderful to have them all gathered around. Enjoy your holidays!! Cheers.

Jerral Miles said...

Hey, Mark... I've missed you; but this wonderful BLOG post makes up for lost time and lost pictures. Stay well... and content... all of you.

Donna said...

Delighted your back to posting; NOT delighted your back is acting up. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Karen said...

Well, hell.. there are always dirty dishes to be done, you found a great employment resource while you're out of backbreaking commission.

Seriously, that is a very frustrating, slow healing injury that you will always always have to nurture carefully from this day forward, friend.

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family - and a happy, healthy, non backlabor intensive New Year to all -

Joey said...

Well. You saved me from having to emil you! I started to realize that it had been a longggg time since you blogged and I got a bit nervous. Made me realize maybe that's what is happening since I haven't bloged in 6 months - wait...nahhhh.


Anyway - I am glad to hear it is ONLY your back! It's relative, my friend. Huh? But trust me - I understand. Been doing the back route on and off for years. It's always a damn surprise too! Recently woke up with a numb arm. That's it. Numb arm. WTH! Booked the chiro and all kinds of spine related surprises. Explains the numb arm but also explains the crabby back. God we hate getting OLD!!!

Anyway - happy to hear all is relatively well. Your family is BEAUTIFUL and I have missed you. Merry Christmas and HAPPY New Year. Did you hear me? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! XXX

beth said...

welcome "home"....
how's your back?....LOL...i couldn't help myself !!!

lucky you are to be surrounded by love and warmth and wonderful food.

the happiest of holidays to you all !!!

ps...they tell my hubby that when his back hurts he needs to work on his core...and after 30 years he's finally listening :)

Marilyn said...

Hope you enjoyed Christmas even with a bad back. Take care and let it heal. Nice photos and love seeing everyone in the picture. Tripods are great that way and timers too.