Monday, June 29, 2015

One good deed deserves another.

I was going through some photos today, and while I was deleting and organizing various shots I came across these and it put a smile on my face. I thought I'd share this little story.

A few posts back I mentioned that on our vacation to Panama, the gardener where we were staying, called us over as we returned from another stressful day at the beach, and offered us some coconut water. Right out of the old coconut. One wack with his machete and whaa-laaa. Instant refreshment.

Below is Guiermo, the machete wielding gentleman who out of the kindness of his heart made our day as he shared a bit of his culture with us.

About an hour later my wife and I were cleaned up and relaxing on the porch, eating some cheese and crackers and finishing up a bottle of champagne. It was our last night on the Island so we were celebrating one last time as well as cleaning out what food we had accumulated during our stay.

As we looked on and saw Guiermo still hard at work, my wife put together a little something to eat as well as pouring a healthy portion of champagne into our water glass. She then stood up and headed out on a mission.

She left the porch.....

 and walked the path with champagne and snacks

until she came upon Guiermo.

She shared a bit of our culture with him. I asked her if he liked it, she smiled and said, oh yeah, he liked it.

The last we saw him, he had walked across the street to the beach, sat down and ate an unexpected snack while drinking his champagne.


Wayne said...

Nice, very nice.

Joey said...

You guys are wayyyy cool!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE this so much!!!

John said...

Don't you just love unabashed sharing!

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