Thursday, April 11, 2013


Have you ever seen the movie" Caddy Shack"?
Bill Murray plays a golf course grounds keeper who is in a battle with 
a destructive groundhog. 

He spends every waking moment thinking
about how to get rid of this annoying varmint.

I am Bill Murray.
Same fight...different animal.

I'm in a battle of battles with Mr. squirrel.
I spend way too much time roaming the isles of Lowes
looking for an answer.
Here's my problem.
 It seems the furry four legged creatures
are not satisfied with just eating the bird feed we put out.
If the opening in the thistle feeder isn't big enough, 
they'll just make it bigger.
 Below is a photo
of a solar bird feeder that we used to enjoy

 Obviously the squirrel population these days
list "electrician" as one of their skill sets.

 They disconnected the wiring
with the ease of a member of the local electrical union.

That's it!
Game on Mr. squirrel.

 Go ahead little squirrel
eat this.
I dare you.
No more rope for you to chew threw
with your pointy little teeth.

 And how about this my furry friend!
A new thistle feeder.....

.....that closes automatically
when you put your gnarly little feet on it. 
Go ahead, give it a try.
The openings close as soon as you get on it.

I win...


you do this.


Jerral Miles said...

Today I got a copy of the first edition of a slick magazine called SHOOTER (subtitled "THEFIRSTPHOTOMOBILEMAGAZINEOF THE WORLD) from the library at MOPA, the Museum of Photographic Arts where I volunteer on Thursdays. The magazine will be published four times a year and costs $144 for the year's subscription. I don't think I'll buy in, but I'll borrow from the library. The magazine is dedicated to mobile phone images...Every picture in the inch-thick book was made with a mobile phone; so, my friend, you'll eventually have to trade in your flip phone for one that makes pictures. I'm having a lot of fun fooling with the iPhone, but I'm not ready to give up the "real" thing... You've got an eye, Mark. Take pictures and keep on writing about what you see in the world. I love reading your BLOG.

Kelly said...

That's some funny stuff!!!

Erin and Matt said...
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Anais Naan said...

That last photo made me laugh out loud. Needed that! :)

SueAnn Lommler said...

Too funny! Amazing and annoying little buggers!
My nemesis is the black gopher...we have a herd of them!! Sigh
Hugs and good luck

cschneider said...

Lol, That was a very entertaining story! Needed a good laugh this a.m. Keep the storys coming, your a good writer, and photographer. You have a great blog! Thanks for sharing.

cschneider said...

Lol, That was a very entertaining story! Needed a good laugh this a.m. Keep the storys coming, your a good writer, and photographer. You have a great blog! Thanks for sharing.

Joey said...


beth said...

OMG....this is funny.

my dad had this problem forever and when you can't beat them, you join them. now he just feeds them their own corn cobs and they totally leave the bird feeders alone.....

the newest gift...a bungee corn cob feeder that bounces the squirrels all over the place, hysterically funny and keeps them busy forever on their side of the trees.....

Karen said...

You have some very resourceful squirrels there, Mark.

There is a man here in town that hangs his feeders from a thick wire.. picture a clothsline between two trees. then he strings bleach bottles on the wire.. cut the bottom out of it so you thread the bleach bottles through the wire, and I guess that keeps the squirrels off the feeders. Godawful ugly though. Just sayin.

Donna said...

OMG - too funny.
That is one determined rodent!

dcpeg said...

Brilliant, furry, little buggers, aren't squirrels! My parents seemed to have better luck with the top, green feeder you showed. But, it wouldn't surprise me if those "tree rats" figure out ways to destroy that feeder, too.

P.S. I really do like squirrels, but folks around herre call them tree rats.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Oh, no, I just bought the same solar powered bird feeder (my wife likes dragonfly's). I had the one with the maple leaves on it, they figure it out those clever little SOB's.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Our bird feeders were taken over by Chip and Dale the chipmunks! Though we do have a squirrel that tried to chew it's way into our shed I think we beat him....but who knows they are pesky buggers!