Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a story about being too busy and that we probably bring most of this busyness on ourselves.
I don't know all the details, I didn't read it yet.
Too busy.
You know, you buy 1 bunch of flowers using FTD on line ordering ( I was working)
and FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE you get 3 emails a week prompting you to buy more flowers.
Stop it.
I have a twitter account. Basically I've  used it about 20 times for very important communication.
It came in handy while watching the NBA playoffs by myself, I could yell out stuff to whoever is in my twitter world, lambasting the play of one Lebron James. Well, we know how that worked out for me.
But, I see I have 2 new twitter followers, that was exciting. Everyone likes to be followed. My new followers are, @world news plaza and @medicare made clear.
They are the strangest followers who ever followed me anywhere.


This peaceful pretty little photo is dedicated to all those Penn State loyalists who no matter what, have had the back of one Joe Paterno. Here, take a moment and enjoy this. Take a few deep breaths,

because your little world of make believe is about to come crashing down.

Remember all those rioting kids outside of Coach Paterno's house, denouncing with furious anger
the fact that the school had the audacity to fire such an icon?
"Penn State done him wrong" they screamed from the highest rooftop.

Dear blind loyalist. Bad news for you. The dreaded emails are coming to light. Oh, those emails and cell phones, they have ruined many a marriage and now they'll show a little peek behind the curtain at Happy Valley.

Not to go into the whole thing again, let me cut to the chase. I'll link the article if you're so inclined.
There are four main characters in this tragedy. University President and Vice President, the Athletic Director, and Joe Paterno. It's been documented that all 4 of these dastardly ding a lings knew of the abuse that went on during their tenure, on their campus.

Emails that CNN have knowledge of shows that ding-a-ling #1 and #2 had discussions about what was happening and they were going to go to the authorities.
That is until they had a meeting with Joe Paterno. Least we forget, Joe wasn't just a football coach, he ran that joint. I have a feeling when Joe walked into the University President's office, the President stood up. There's a bigger than life size STATUE of him for god sakes. That should tell you all you need to know.

An email written by the Athletic Director to one of the other bozo's says, "After giving it more thought and talking it over with Joe yesterday, I am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps." i.e., going to the auhtorities.

Say it ain't so Joe! Not only did Joe do nothing but go to his boss concerning the allegations of his former assistant coach raping a young boy, HE TALKED THE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT AND ATHELETIC DIRECTOR OUT OF DOING THE RIGHT THING. 

Will the blind loyalists riot again? Will they protest google? The emails may have been gmail.
I wonder what excuse I'll hear now. 

A spokesman for the Paterno family put out a statement today, saying Joe did the right thing, he told his boss. Actually, he talked his bosses out of doing the right thing. There's a slight difference.

If I had a truck, a hitch, a rope and 3 beers I would back up to that symbol of egotism, wrap that rope around that baby and floor it. I wouldn't stop until I came to the first river.


Joey said...


Karen said...

It is rather disgusting, isn't it? I wonder if they will remove the statue themselves now that what really happened is crystal clear.

donna said...

You are spot on!! For 4 grown men to protect a serial predator is beyond disgraceful. What this country - and Happy Valley- don't need is another monument to stupidity, denial, lawbreaking and greed!
I'd help you drive the truck!

Donna said...

I meant, doesn't need - too early in the morning to get my blood pressure so high I can't write properly!! :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Clapping once again.....great point! I think you would have many to help take down that statue and I don't know how anyone could stand by his side now. Joe clearly ran the show over there!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes there are no secrets!! All for the world to see.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Greed and blind loyalty, protecting the icon that was Joe Paterno at Penn State. Sounds like the Catholic Church.

dcpeg said...

Lovely pic.

The tragedy and shame around Penn State reaches far and wide. Grads around the world are angry and embarrassed that this went on right under their noses and for so many years!

Marilyn said...

Like your opinions and comments here. If I had twitter I would be a follower too.

Jerral Miles said...

...and I'll bet some of those folks who tried to forget what they knew about the abuse they didn't have the courage to report were pressing hard for Lance Armstrong's undoing... The world of big-time athletics is a strange world indeed.