Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Broken Church

I received a call from my sister today. She informed me of the news, local to her area, that a grand jury report has been released by the Pennsylvania Attorney General stating that more than 50 Roman Catholic priests and religious leaders have raped and abused HUNDREDS of kids for over a 40 year period.
It's all right here.

My first thought was, are you TRYING to piss me off before I am even finished drinking my first cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee?

I would have thought that those sicko's could have made much better use of their time, doing stuff know......PRAYING and HELPING THE NEEDY????

Right on the heels of "Spotlight" winning best picture the other night at the Oscars, the community of Harrisburg, Pa has been rocked. I'm sure they've wondered, especially since Philly, Boston and many other big cities have been besmirched because of abuse scandals.

But now the ugly truth of Catholic priest abuse, not only is knocking on their preverbal front door, it is now sitting at their kitchen table. The spokesman for the Diocese said, "they are saddened and shocked." Really? I'm saddened, but I'm sure not shocked.

This 2 year investigation shows that the Diocese had a "secret archive" that gave details of abuse, rape and coverups. Is anyone else just sick to their stomach yet? TWO BISHOPS WERE AT THE FOREFRONT OF CHILD ABUSE COVERUPS. SERIOUSLY?

This "sickness" that Harrisburg is now dealing with is NOT just a another little isolated problem.
107 cities in the United States have been infected with this disease and many many countries have cities where their Church spokespeople are "saddened and shocked."

As a person who was raised Catholic, went to catholic school for 12 years, was an alter boy and all that, I am confused as to how ANYONE can walk through doors of a Catholic church today.
 If it works for you...........

In 2007 an out of court settlement was reached between the church and a victim. Before an announcement could be made, the 64 year old priest jumped off a bridge.

That works for me.

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