Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's all relative

I mentioned in the past my company is restructuring which means a big change was in store for me. No more palm trees and Easterly breezes for this guy, as my company has restructured me right up to New York harbor to join a different boat.
Quite a change, it's almost like taking a new job, but the checks get mailed from the same office. A new boat means getting acquainted with new surroundings, meeting, working and living with a new bunch of guys as well as, for me anyway, finding my way around my new work area, which is basically a maze of piping, pumps and valves, all of which I need to learn, yesterday.
Sailing with the same crew for the last several years had its perks, one of which being, I didn't even have to explain to the guys who were going shopping that I needed some vegetarian food. They just knew to pick some up. We had one whole shelf in the fridge dedicated to Mark's vegetarian delights.
Today, my new crew mates came back from the store with a pack of veggie burgers and you would have thought they just discovered gold or something. One crew member remarked while looking at the package, "My dog wouldn't eat this S@#%!" Oh boy, I gotta break a whole new crew in again.
Anyway, I'm on this new boat, which is much bigger and very comfortable, but the engine room, where I work, is a bit sketchy. If you bang "this" with a hammer it will work. Twist this that way and jump up and down and "that" will work.
It's been a tense week or so, I miss the Caribbean, my old crew members and my dedicated shelf of vegetarian food. I was feeling really low until I received an email today from someone close, explaining some complications her child was having with her pregnancy, some serious problems.
The news made my recent trials seem quite petty, compared to what they are going through.
As much as I am trying to live in the moment, tonight I was forced to step back and look at the big picture.
Sometimes I forget how good I have it.


Anonymous said...

Mark, it's only natural that you should miss working with a crew that you've spent the past several years bonding with and forming relationships with.

That's the thing about companies that 'restructure'. They never take into consideration the human impact of that restructuring, it's all about da money!

beth said...

mark...not only will you be missing them, they will be missing you !

and as life here is also changing, your words were similar to mine really is the big picture we have to look at in order for it all to make sense !!!

dcpeg said...

Nice to hear from you again. Sorry to hear about the earth-shaking transfer. Man! from the blue waters of the Caribbean to the brown waters of NYC. . . ugh.

Nice shot of the toad!