Saturday, November 27, 2010

I must be a soothsayer.
Not 24 hours ago I posted that Black Friday shopping at Walmart is more dangerous than running with the bulls in Pamplona.
I woke up this morning and sat down with my cup of coffee at the galley table, and what's the first thing I see on the news?
A MAN GETTING TRAMPLED at the doorway of Walmart.

I do believe a human being lost his life in this same way last year, trampled by over eager Xbox shoppers. Trampled to death. So what precautions were taken this year?
Apparently none.
Just prior to Walmart opening for the Black Friday sales, a news team was actually in the store, camera aimed at the glass doors, ready to film the craziness that was sure to ensue. They were not disappointed.
They almost ""caught on tape" a grown man being killed by an out of control crowd.
Can you image the ratings?
Luckily, after minutes, he was able to pull himself free from the stampede and stumble out of harms way. The camera shows a guy who was definitely in distress, holding his chest, his breathing labored.
I mean really, how could this be allowed to happen again?

On a lighter and unrelated note, I have a picture of the grassy knoll as a background on my cell phone.
Yep, that one. It's quite a conversation piece.
My daughter, you could say, has been very interested in everything Kennedy for a very long time. She is very interested in the life and politics of President Kennedy, and is well read on the subject.
She recently was in Dallas Texas for business and made time to go and visit the site of President Kennedy's assassination. She took pictures and sent me one of the grassy knoll. ( I don't know how to remove it from my phone.)

I mentioned she was well read on the subject. That may be an understatement.
She once put together a presentation for school, disproving the Warren Commission's "single bullet theory", complete with drawings and explanations.

She was in the 5th grade.


Jerral Miles said...

Your daughter and I apparently have several things in common: fascination with Kennedy lore; eagerness to read her father's BLOG every day. I'm trying to recover from Black Friday... Didn't buy a thing, but the thought of all those people rushing about to buy stuff kept me at home yesterday and today. I went for a bit of a walk down along the harbor, but didn't take chances by venturing into a mall along the way.

slommler said...

I shopped Black Friday and saw no crowds or trampling. I was not trampled either. No lines as I checked out and I got some fabulous discounts! I did see that news story though and it was scary! Electronics is the culprit!! People shopping for those are much more aggressive!! So I went for winter coats!! Ha!!