Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring in the new

It seems like just 10 minutes ago my wife and I carried the 8 storage boxes filled with Christmas decorations down to the living room to begin decorating our tree.

Now, so quickly, News Years Eve is upon us and it won't be too long before we turn off the tree lights for good and gingerly pack up all those decorations again.

Thinking back on that day, I'm reminded how seriously my wife takes the job of decorating our house for Christmas.
Me? Not so much.

As I was setting up the Nativity scene, my concentration was broken as my wife asked, "Mark, what are you doing?" I replied proudly, "Look honey, it's a classic NFL double tight end pro set."

She wasn't as impressed as I was.
She hinted that I might want to take the Three Wise Men off the offensive line.
I agreed, and put them in a NBA 2-1-2 zone defense.

I calmly tried to explain that this defense is just hell to score on.
She calmly explained my talents were needed to untangle strings of lights.
I was kicked off of Nativity duty.

Seriously though, I can't believe this Holiday season has zoomed by so quickly, not to mention the year 2010.
Where did it go? Why so fast?

I wonder tonight, as I sit anchored in a heavy fog just hours before 2011 arrives, what this coming year will bring.

Like a ship in the fog, it's unclear.

But I'm hoping for the best.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love your Nativity scenes story. Here's my favorite....When Meg was under 5, she moved Mary and Joseph out of the manger entirely and surrounded the baby with the wise men. She explained that Mary and Joseph were going out to dinner and the wise men were babysitting.
Happy New Year, little brother.

Neil and Susan said...

Great story Mark! Here's wishing you the very best in 2011!

Jerral Miles said...

...Your Nativity Scene and your explanation of the arrangement of pieces... perfect setting for walking out of one year and into the next... Thanks, Mark, for a year of good narrative and photograph.

Alison said...

Yes, great story! All the best for a wonderful year ahead.

slommler said...

Ha! Your set up of the Nativity cracked me up! I don't understand why she wasn't impressed??!! (grin) did rush up on us!!! 2011!! Here it is...what will it bring? Are we ready??? I can conjure up some scary thoughts...sigh!!! I hope for the best as well for us all!!
Happy New Year

Barefoot from Heaven said...

you funny guy. I'll bet my oldest will love your defence line...he's totaly into that came...
I'll bring him over once so you both can have a blast.

And about the fog....let it sit ther for just today and reveal the world to us bright and beautiful tomorrow....and the year that follows.

Happy times my friend.
Be save at your tug.
Hugs Dagmar

Karen said...

LOL... Eli Manning would probably like to blend into your Nativity line right about now.

Great post - Happy New Year, Mark. Here's hoping the fog lifts and the sun shines brilliantly. Ofcourse, this will require SP to fade INTO the fog.

dcpeg said...

Brilliant post, Mark!! I enjoyed your "guy take" on the nativity grouping and your wife's reaction to it!

Let's all keep fingers crossed for 2011.

Vicky said...

Ha! My boys will grow up to be you one day, I can just tell... they'd tell you how it plays out in a hockey game so you could be well rounded in your sports analogies :)

Hoping the fog lifts and the path is made clear and that 2011 is bountiful in all ways!

Marilyn said...

Funny! NFL Nativity. Happy New Year!

beth said...

men and that a right brain or left brain thing.....
and dang if our badgers didn't just mess up a rose bowl win....oops

and being a bit psychic, i bet 2011 is an amazing one for you....just saying.

Jane said...

I just recently found your blog, and like the pics of all the water, and the boat,barge,tug anyway, I am now following your blog.It would be nice if you would follow back,since we all like followers! blessings, jane