Sunday, January 2, 2011

A different kind of tugging.

Slow as molasses, may be one way to describe them.
Painstakingly slow could be another.
As slow as......well, you get the idea.

These 2 tugs

have the joy of towing this lift rig down the river, at a death defying speed
of less than one knot.

Watching them was as fun as watching paint dry.

The tugs were "hooked up", meaning the engines were working as hard as they could
and they were just barely moving.

They were so slow, I saw them underway after breakfast
and after lunch. The dinner bell had them just disappearing from our field of view down the river.

There's all kinds of unusual jobs in this industry.
If they're heading to the Gulf, they should be there by February.


Jerral Miles said...

I have been told, and I believe it's true, that speed isn't everything... The tortoise and the hare store comes to mind...

Jerral Miles said...

...ooops. That's "The tortoise and the hare storY.

slommler said...

OMG! I can't imagine going that slow! Yawn!!

Karen said...

...(paint drying)......