Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thanks again

My post yesterday warranted a message from sister.
That always scares me because she was a English teacher for many years, and she's not one to hold her tongue when it comes to grammar and spelling.

I must say though, my sister, ( whom I shall call Molly) has shown great restraint and has never actually criticized my comma's or improper noun usage since I have begun my foray into the blog world. I imagine she winces while reading this blog on a regular basis, but all I ever hear from her are positive comments.

Like the one I received from her today where she asked if my habit of saying please and thank you came from our Dad? She knew the answer before she asked it.
Of course it did. My Dad was huge on saying please and thank you and he drummed that into us from the moment he heard me say da-da.
I can imagine him spoon feeding me my baby food, "Here comes the airplane..weeeeee.." and when I swallow he says in a sing songy voice, "Say thank you."

Anyway, my sister shared with me a story. When she was living at my parents house, I think Kennedy was President, she said she answered the phone and it was a wrong number....and my sister thanked them for calling.

Which reminded me of when I was in High School and was called to the disciplinarians office.
I was scolded for doing something stupid and than given a paper slip that explained I had just received 3 dimerrits.Upon taking the paper I thanked the disciplinarian for bringing me 3 demerrits closer to expulsion.

Years ago while attending Mass and receiving communion, I did it again.
It's supposed to go like this:
Priest: "Body of Christ."
Me: "Amen" as I received the Sacrament.

Here's how it actually went:
Priest: "Body of Christ."
Me: "Thank You.

Dad would have been proud.


Karen said...


Do you know, a month ago while my nephew (10 years old) was receiving communion... it went something like this..

Body of Christ
Are you SURE you believe this is the body of Christ?

(scared face, frozen in comes to the rescue and takes him to sit back down in the pew)

Apparently it's a new tactic at the Youth masses.


No Thanks necessary.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Yes he would be proud! Too funny about the mass I wonder how often that happens! Have a wonderful Monday!

beth said...

i think we all use thank you and sorry ALL THE TIME....and since i know i was taught my manners...well, it's a good thing.

now only if i could get people around here to say excuse me....those two words seem to have not been in the wisconsin curriculum, except in my school, back in a little town, where learning from an early age that if you step inside someone's bubble you say EXCUSE ME......ohhhh, that one gets me the most around here on a daily basis !!

my family...they are experts with this and the whole bubble's all the people at target and the grocery store and walgreens......who just stand right in front of me looking for whatever while i was there first....arrrghhhhh

Jerral Miles said...

... and I've been thinking all along that the fantastic writing you do is all pure native intelligence and intuition. Now the truth is out. You grew up in a very, very wonderful family. Saying "Thank you," to the priest cinches it. Your Dad WOULD indeed be proud.