Monday, June 13, 2011

I find myself taking great joy
in the fact that Lebron James failed last night.
Maybe too much.
Is that healthy?

Hell yes it is.
I feel great.
At 11 am I filled a bowl with grapes
and sat them on my desk in my office.
The thinking being
if they're within reaching distance
I'll eat them.

It's 10:17 Pm right now.
The grapes are still there, almost raisins now,
but I've gone through 2 bowls of
those little Pepperidge Farm goldfish
like a dolphin
goes through a school of squid.

Representitve Weiner,
the pre-paid package sender
has checked into rehab.

Is there a cure for stupid?


Jerral Miles said...

Wish I had thought of that... the weiner picture... You get the prize for the picture for the day.

Karen said...


slommler said...

Nope! No cure! I think it is the water...stupidity reigns in DC for sure!!
As for the grapes...raisins are good for you too!! Ha!!
And Lebron should have stayed in Cleveland...the dummy!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love how they all think rehab is the answer to forgiveness! He is an idiot maybe Charlie Sheen and Weiner can tour together!

Marilyn said...

Your mind is definitely keeping busy thinking about things in the news. Do you think the weiner will be cured? Hummmm?

Seven Gates Farm said...

That's my laugh for the night. good job!! Debi