Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ever since our boat left the shipyard, we have developed a new noise that is just driving us crazy.
It's not a little annoying noise.
It's a very loud, "where in the heck is that coming from" noise.
It actually keeps people up at night.
It actually pisses people off.
And when I say people, I mean me.

While a boat is in the shipyard, it is dissected, inspected and opened up as if an autopsy is being performed.
On second thought, an autopsy IS being performed.
The problem with that is, things normally not disturbed get disturbed.
There are new additions to the boat and some subtractions as some none working equipment get removed or overhauled.

It is very common for a boat to experience unusual problems once it leaves the "yard".
In time, things get back to normal.

But this noise is unnerving.
While sitting in the galley it seems as if I'm sitting INSIDE a steel drum, and the band keeps playing on...and on...and on.

Like CSI investigators, both crews have tried to find the cause, from the inside, combing every inch of the boat, ear to bulkhead, unsuccessfully.
Between the 2 crews, I figured we have roughly 250 years of boating experience and here is what our crack team has figured out.

When the boat is running, we have a loud noise.
When the boat is stopped, we don't.
Well done men!
That's about it.

Today, we called in help.
We hired divers to come and check out the bottom of the boat to see if they can find anything out of sorts.
It could be something caught in the wheels (propellers) or something in the rudders.

So as we sat at anchor in the blistering sun of the Houston, Texas area, a diver showed up to do his thing. ( It's actually Hell Hot down here. How do people live here?)

Here the diver is preparing to jump in while our Captain tends his air hose.
The water is about 85 degrees but he's wearing a jump suit to protect his arms and legs because of the barnacles he will encounter. They will cut you open like a knife.

The good news is he found some flat bar that had some broken welds, causing the steel to vibrate against the hull as we moved through the water.

The bad news is, it will take an underwater welder to fix this problem.
That's bad news because they're very expensive to hire.
My bosses hate very expensive.

Maybe they'll buy us ear plugs instead.


Jerral Miles said...

Does "the boss" have to listen to the noise? Is that like asking if the king has to eat gruel? Just wondering... By the way, you were obviously pointing and shooting very well today. Don't stop!

slommler said...

Oh how I hate "mysterious" noises! They can drive you batty for sure!
Glad you figured out what it I hope the bosses will fix it!!!
Good luck

Formerly known as Frau said...

At least you know where the sound is coming from...I hope he splurges!

Diahn said...

Oh man - I hate those kinds of noises...fingers crossed the boss wants this one fixed!

beth said...

okay, so this is very funny !
it really is.

can you magnify the noise somehow so that it's extra loud while the boss is sleeping. i bet he'll fix it if you can do that. just saying.

dcpeg said...

How aggravating! At least now you know it's something that won't sink you. Hope the fix will be made much sooner than later.