Monday, August 15, 2011

I picked up my new camera the other day.
It's really no big deal.
Just another camera.

I arrived at the store in time to watch an employee unlock the door.
I was the first one inside.
It was just a coincidence. No big deal.

The clerk suggested I open the box and check the contents.
"NO," I said. "I'll take her home."
He wouldn't understand. I just wasn't comfortable with cleanliness of the store.

As the Brinks guards and I headed for my car, I stopped and gave directions to the police escort that would accompany me and my camera to my home.
I was adamant, "No stopping, just get us home."

Upon arrival, I took the package inside, down to the basement,
to the room that was sterilized, lined with plastic.
You just can't be too careful.

I stood at a table and carefully opened the box.
I lined up the 3 boxes that were inside the big box,
next to each other, with the reverence of a Priest preparing his altar for Mass.

After putting on my surgical gloves I open each box
and placed them on the sterile white cloth.
The camera body.
The lens.
The battery.
I stepped back and took it all in.

It was then the angels started singing.

It's really no big deal.
I got a new camera the other day.


She's sleeping.


beth said...

you are too funny....

i still have a "shhhh, baby is sleeping" sign that we used to hang on the front door to avoid doorbell rings from delivery people...

do you want to borrow it ?

Anonymous said...

LMAO... what a hoot. So, she has her own room??

Zorana said...

She is lovely! I wish you many happy moments together. And as funny as your story is, that is pretty much what my husband really does... and that's a good thing :-)

Vicky said...

Ha ha, love this Mark- congrats on the new girl! She looks pretty snazzy and can't wait to see what you and her discover together!

missing moments said...

LOL ... what a great post Mark and I know exactly how you feel!
How exciting!!!

bon bon said...

can i get an "amen"!

better start saving for her college fund. i mean, lens...

Karen said...

How do you know it's a she? Mine's a he. And did you get a battery grip with your camera? They're kinda heavy, I don't know if I'd recommend it.

I'm a Canon girl myself, but I know alot of Nikon fans. Congrats!

Janney said...

Nice one! :)

imquilternity said...

Congratulations. Which model is it? I'm pretty much the same's a very special thing to get a wonderful new camera!!

Jerral Miles said...

WOW! Beautiful camera. ...can't wait to see all the pictures you're going to post...

Debi@7Gates said...

Happy shooting. Can I have your old camera?

Marilyn said...

It is a big deal and a beautiful camera at that. You must be jumping up and down with glee. I certainly would be.

dcpeg said...

Oh, Oh, Oh -- camera envy is striking me! You lucky dog, you!

Your story-telling just keeps getting better and better! You have such a natural gift for gentle humor that anyone can relate to. Thanks for sharing it with all of your fans!

Joey said...

You gave me my first belly laugh of my Monday!