Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm not even going to bring up today's stock market woes
because that might encourage more people to panic and sell sell sell,
causing my retirement account to fall fall fall even more.

Instead I'm going to show you New York.
Not the New York you expect, but the New York
not many people take time to look at.
Who can blame them? With the Manhattan skyline sceaming
LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, sometimes smaller beauties get over looked.

These shots are random photos taken from my vantage point
as we traveled the short distance today from our office dock in Brooklyn
to Stapleton Anchorage, which is in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge.
Our job tonight is to off load a ship.

And then something rudely got in my frame


Anonymous said...

Great views of NY, but as you said, not what we usually think of when picturing the 'big apple."

SueAnn said...

Love the shots of NY!! And that was rude of the freighter to mess up your shot! Ha!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great shots of NY....there really is a lot of beauty there. Have a wonderful day!

Joycee said...

When I look at your great shots, I forget you are on an extremely busy waterway! It would scare the pants off me to be remotely close to those fast moving behemoth boats out there. Thanks for risking life and limb to take pictures for us landlubbers!It took my mind off our shrinking investments for a second...

Marilyn said...

Love the photos, especially the bridge. All those old warehouses sitting there, are many of them empty? I always have fantasy's of what they could be used for or what their stories would tell.

Jerral Miles said...

Mark, Great Photographs... crystal clear... composed very well. Like everybody else, I LOVE NEW YORK. I'd like to see it the way you see it; and now that I think about it, I do... through your find photographs. Thanks.

Zorana said...

I love seeing things from your perspective. It's not a view that I have a chance to see otherwise, and you have a good eye. I enjoyed this post a lot.