Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Gun Appreciation Day

A friend, who read a previous post about the passing
of my Aunt, said to me,
"now you'll have to sail the seas for her."
I thought of my Aunt today as I took this sunset.

And, you know what else?
I hear tell it's "Gun Appreciation Day."

I wonder who started this?
I wonder what happens on this special day?
I've never heard of this special day before.

On this special day of days,
Do you clean your gun?
Do you take it to the mall for some shopping?

Do you let it sleep in?

Do you buy it a silencer?
Do you buy your gun, another gun, so it can have a buddy?
Do you take it to "The Range?"
Is today like, "Take your daughter to school day"
but instead you take your gun?

If you forgot today was
Gun Appreciation Day,
is your gun mad?

Is it similar to Valentines Day?
Do you get it flowers to show your appreciation?
Do you take your gun to a romantic restaurant,
and ask for the corner table?

Do you bake it a cake?
Do you get it a ring?

The big question.
What to get a gun that has everything.?
Another full metal jacket?

Who determined that today was officially
"Gun Appreciation Day?"

Can anyone just name a special day?
I hope so.

I will not be celebrating "Gun Appreciation Day."

Instead, I am declaring today
"Child Appreciation Day."

You know, children,
like those that lived in Newtown Connecticut.

And get this. reports that
the New Hampshire police chiefs are holding a raffle in May.
The winner will receive,
now get this,
 a Ruger SR 556 assault weapon.

I am not making this stuff up.

It closely resembles the weapon the killed 20 kids
in Newtown. CT.

Isn't New Hampshire
pretty close to where the massacre occurred?
That's awkward .


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey hey I see you're holding up to your word my friend. I'll bet your Aunt is there with you right now. Enjoying the view out in the open waters. (thanks).

And all the stuff about the gun Appreciation Day!!! Man you should send this to a big news paper. And they should print this on there front page. Sorry to say so but I always thought of us Europeans to be a little 'off' but hey you Americans beat us to it BIG time here. Sorry to say so and no offence to the good fellas.

Again you hit the nail on the head spot on with your words.
Thank you for still caring so so much.

I'm here with you declearing today "Child Appreciation Day". Let it over rule all other stuff.
Hugs to you and be well.

Karen said...

I've been saying this for a while... you SHOULD be sending your column to a big newspaper. I think you should have your own Dave Barry!

Please tell me this is tongue in cheek and there is no such f-ing thing as gun appreciation day.

please. I'm not even gonna google it. Yes I probably will...

Karen said...

I googled.. it even has it's own website.

If this doesn't scare you....

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I find myself being more and more disappointed in people. People I know and have liked are posting idiotic comments on Facebook about their right to bear arms. Posting crap equating Obama to Hitler. They are buying up automatic weapons like crazy and taking them out in the hills for fun. And I suppose they are celebrating Gun Appreciation Day. *sigh*

beth said...

i love the birds in your photo.....and i love what your friend said about sailing the seas for her !!!

and don't even get me started on "gun appreciation" day....


Joey said...

New Hampshire? Please run this thru snopes and tell me it isn't so. What is WRONG with people????

Cait Throop said...

I, too, thought the gun appreciation day thing was a joke...but here it is.

Hard to believe...sigh.

Jerral Miles said...

This post is as good as BLOGS get... and not just the brilliant monologue about guns... I love that sunset picture. There's a little bird in it. I like that, too.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes awkward and so in your face!! Sheesh!

Marilyn said...

Perfectly said! Amen!
I agree it is "Child Appreciation Day" in my part of the world too.

Donna said...

Child Appreciation Day - count me in! Folks celebrating the other option scare me! Stupid is running deep these days...

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love shoes not sure if there is a Shoe appreciation day??? Seriously who are these people. Our fire station held a gun raffle....I meant to find out what it is all about. I really hope there will be some change and soon, but I heard that NRA membership is up by 250,000 members really scary! Sorry about your Aunt...that is some sunset! Have a great Monday!