Monday, January 21, 2013

I missed it.

If I were home
I would have parked myself in front of the TV
and watched the Presidential Inauguration from start to finish,
but I couldn't
because I was here near Corpus Christi, Tx. 

I did catch about 5 minutes of the President's speech
but then I had to run off and do some silly boat stuff.

At about 1:40PM 
I received an email from the President.
It said he had just renewed his oath for office to serve
as my President.

How nice was that. He was quite busy today
but took the time to shoot me an email.
He must have known I was working and not able to watch.

Just to be clear
I would have had the same interest in watching
if the Republican's had won.
It's history.
Why wouldn't you watch?

I would like to go down in the galley now
and watch a little of the pomp and circumstance going on 
but someone is watching American Pickers.

Anyway, every inauguration
I am reminded of the story of when President Kennedy
was riding down Pennsylvania Ave after he gave his speech.
Standing along the parade route were dignitaries and Head's of State
from all over the world.

President Kennedy stayed seated in his open car
the whole time, but for one exception.
When he passed his Father
Kennedy stood up, looked at his Dad
and tipped his hat as he drove by.
Then he resumed sitting.

I think that is pretty cool.


SueAnn Lommler said...

That is a cool bit of historical trivia. Tipped his hat? I love it!
I too missed the festivities! Okay by me. They are covering it in detail all morning today!!

Melinda Owens said...

Blown away by that photo, Mark!! It's absolutely beautiful.

Karen said...

I didn't know that!

and WOW, what a PHOTO!! what a surreal sky!!!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

ha I can't remember Kennedy doing that! HOOOOO but that is because I'm such a youngster I wasn't even born yet. HA. But thanks for telling me, as I did know what you were talking about since I've seen footages of films that were taking many times.

About you being in such a nice spot on the globe, I'm jealous. Oh and the dolphines on the picture in your last post....amazing. How much I would love to swim with them for once in my lifetime (at least). It's high on my to do list.
Well Mark have a happy end of the week and don't work to hard on that tugg of yours.
;0 Dagmar

Jerral Miles said...

Perfect balance of elements in the picture.