Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Various stuff

I took this photo today
as we were moored alongside the dock
in Corpus Christi.

It reminded me of a huddle,
you know, like in football,where all the players get in a circle
and discuss the next play.

Which brings me to the Super Bowl.
Are you into it?
I'm not feeling the "buzz" this year.
Even if you're a fringe fan
you have to like the idea that the head coach of each team
are brothers. How cool is that?
If you're the parents, who do you cheer for?
No one on the tug could give a darn, except me.

I had a football "pool" all figured out.
I asked a few people
"Hey, want to take part in a Super Bowl pool,.......bla bla bla."

The "pool" has been cancelled due to lack of interest.
I'm amazed.

I'm also amazed
that Donald Trump's Facebook page is so...quiet.
Yes, I follow "The Donald"
I thought for sure he would be posting all kinds of nonsense
that I would get a kick out of.
But that's not the case.

But I hit a home run
when I signed up for the "Gun Owners of America" newsletter.
Listen when I tell you
there is some interesting stuff posted on that web site.
It's all garbage, but interesting none the less.
No, that's correct, I do not own a gun
but I find it extremely intoxicating
reading what the extremist on that site
spew out.
Today they are comparing Obama's America
with that of Nazi Germany.
I kid you not.
It's all made up.

Ok, so Manti Te'o had a made up girl friend.
Many people have imaginary friends....
when they're in THE FIRST GRADE!

If I read one more quote on Facebook
having to do with "positive thinking"
I'm going to kill myself.
See, it's obviously not working.

Have an average Wednesday.


SueAnn Lommler said...

They are having a huddle...getting ready for that Hail Mary Pass!
Yes I am into the Super Bowl...I hope it is a "real" game and not one sided! SIgh!
You have a much better day than average!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Ready break!

I like pro football, but I've become less interested as the Eagles have spiraled downward.

I emailed you and left a comment on the trick for getting the shot in NYC/

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

All I can say is, Go Niners!!!!

bon bon said...

i think i'd settle for watching real dolphins huddle over the uniformed ones. (are the dolphins still a team? shows you what i know.)

the nazi comment? not surprising. just embarrassing. i'm sure in the sentence they're calling them bleeding-heart liberals. those two go hand in hand afterall...

and you are getting your wish concerning my wednesday, my friend. ;)

Joey said...

I continue to re-read Manti Te'o news "articles". I - Still - Don't - Get - It.

I'm beginning to feel really dumb...

Karen said...


Did you know The Donald is trying to buy the New York Times? Maybe that's why he's been away from FB.. too preoccupied with Occupy NYT.

What a dolphin shot!!!

*sigh* Sadly, I was hoping for a Patriots San Fran superbowl. I'll be rooting for the 49ers... and I think it is SOOO cool that the brother coaches will go head to head. Their mother said "I will just hope for a tie" and hey, those brothers are seriously cute too. not that that has anything to do with anything.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Sorry pall no football matches are on here in our tipical small country. It's all about soccer here my friend.To bad couse I like football way better, like your basketball awsome to watch (as been done by my oldest who plays in the first team here).

Gosh what the heck are your reading. the stuff that's been send out is for goofs my friend, you know the first graders. Not for you! Go find some nice stuff to read about! I'd better come over with a good comic or so, than we can both have a laugh ;-)

Be well and hope your wednesday was more than average.
Hugs Dagmar

beth said...

i'm not into the Super Bowl yet....not one of my teams is in it, but i'll watch it and eat and cheer....cause that's what i do :)

the whole imaginary girlfriend thing....i don't know yet where i am on that one and missed him today on the katie couric show :(

and ohhhhhhh, water.......and ohhhhhh dolphins !!!

Zorana said...

Dolphins huddling make me smile much more than football players... Have you seen the video of a dolphin asking for help on youtube? So smart and beautiful. There is always something that you write that stays with me. This time "It's all garbage, but interesting none the less." Funny and true for many things :)