Saturday, July 2, 2011

I frequently get asked,"You Blog?"
Some say it while making a face as if they just got a wiff of some bad blue cheese.

Yes, I think to myself, I'm one of those crazy people meeting very nice people from all over the world. Should I apologize? I think not.

There are all kinds of bloggers out there. I've identified 2 basic types. Happy bloggers, who are just naturally upbeat people and write posts that generally make you feel good.
Then there are the whinny bloggers. They usually are complaining about something or other, but are often entertaining to read.

I tend to gravitate toward happy bloggers, for my reading enjoyment. I need a pick me up, because as I think about what type of blogger I am, I would have to say I probably bitch way too much. Not sure.

I've met artist bloggers and writer bloggers and people whose writing is really art.
The unbelievably talented photographers I know have sparked a knew interest for me, and their generosity in sharing their tips is remarkable.

Here's what I didn't expect when I started my blog. Didn't think I'd be making friends. Had no clue. Actually, I thought I was full up with friends. But it just happens
I imagined blogging as an outlet for a frustrated writer. I never imagined the "connection" that happens naturally.

Those who poo-poo my blogging and blogging in general, probably haven't been invited to dinner with a lovely woman who lives a coast away from me. Yes, my wife was invited too, this isn't
Without entering the blogging world, I would never have met the wonderful people from coast to coast who I communicate with, almost on a daily basis. From the U.S.'s deep south to the northern snow covered States, from coast to coast, I've been given an open invitation to stop in any time.

I have made friends with wonderful people in the Netherlands, England, Ireland, New Zealand and many other places. This isn't your normal coffee shop. This place (blog world) is special.

I watch people's families grow and listen to intelligent political views. I follow a bloggers trip through Asia, and visit a local farmers market in Wisconsin. Do you know what's it's like to own a horse farm....I do now.

These people are real. Emails back and forth are real and praying for a fellow bloggers recovery from cancer is real also.

This is much more than a writers forum.

That surprised me.


Diahn said...

I'm awfully glad you blog...and you and wife need to come on down to Tennessee - I'm making beignets tomorrow...

nacherluver said...

Yes! The connectedness (is that a word? *wink*). I love that about blogging. Have cyber-met some of the greatest people through blogging. Keep on keepin' on! I'm glad you blog.

beth said...

mark, i know i can speak for many of us in blog land....
we are thrilled that you blog and that we can call you our friend. in case you were wondering, you are far more funny than whiney and your perspective on life is hugely refreshing.

i often get that same look when people find out i blog and i think to myself that they are probably jealous...and secretly want to know more :)

and don't even get me started on the connections that blogging has afforded me....i have "met" so many amazing people from all over the world and those interactions have truly blessed my life.....and the bloggers that i have gotten to meet in real life.....well, how lucky can a person get ?

ps....i'll give you points for the farmer's market mention, knowing that you wanted to keep all the olympic gifts a secret :)

beth said...

oh....and just an fyi....nacherluver who commented before me.....we have met in REAL LIFE and i will be seeing her again next month....see, isn't that cool ?

have a great july 4th weekend !!

Marilyn said...

Same looks here, kind of this blank look. Thanks for following me around Asia recently, it was great fun to share. Yep! And you know your wife and you can have dinner with me and my DH if you ever get to Oregon. Good post and sometimes I like your sarcasm too.

Karen said...

What Beth said! In spades! You are my sometimes daily dose of hilarity and truth-be-told.

And.. a little whine with a good meal is perfectly ok.

Seven Gates Farm said...

I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. It's just a great connection of really good people out here. We're not all really that different; some towns are bigger, some smaller. Same problems and worries, bouncing around with the ups and downs of going through life sharing our interests. I've learned so much and have been given some very neat ideas on various topics. Glad you threw your thoughts out there. It's a good thing. Debi

slommler said...

Yep!! And I am glad I have met you and all my bloggy friends! It is a wonderful experience. A way to travel the world without leaving home. Very cool!!

bon bon said...

please consider third category for me: smarmy.

Jerral Miles said...

My world got bigger and better the day we met in the Blogosphere. If you stopped blogging, I'd have to go into mourning and wear only sad colors for awhile. Keep on keeping on...