Saturday, July 2, 2011

I am sitting in gate A-26 of the US Airways terminal in Houston, Tex.
I have been here for 4 hours, at the airport that is.

I had lunch and visited every little shop that sells over priced Texas trinkets before finding a quiet section of the airport to settle in for the 2 more hours I have to wait.
I was enjoying a few beers and relaxing but I was forced away from my window side table over looking the tarmac because one of my fellow crew mates was "relaxing" just a bit too much. After hugging me for the 2nd time (thankfully he's a happy drunk) he asked the waitress if he could have a hug from her. I thought it would be wise to disassociate myself from him at that point, which I did.

I had a plan.

Plan A. Find an empty gate.....check
Plan B. Find and empty gate with a chair next to a AC outlet to charge my computer.....check
Plan C. Check in on my fellow bloggers.......check

It seems my nice quiet spot was also coveted by a young mother and her 2 kids.
Upon the arrival of the 2 kids, my nice quiet spot wasn't quiet any more,

as one little girl entertained me with cartwheels and the boy,

ran sprints through the waiting area.

I know of mom's method to her madness. Let them drive the guy on the computer nuts,
just so they release all that energy and...sleep on the plane.

They were cute and entertaining.

My very happy fellow crew member? Well, he made his flight out of Houston, but fell asleep waiting for his connecting flight in Dallas.
He had to wait until the next morning to catch a flight.

Maybe he should have done cartwheels to stay awake.


nacherluver said...

cute post

Megan said...

haha, the mom with the two kids bugging the guy on computer at empty gate was me last week! :) Except I only had one kid. And he was way cuter.

Marilyn said...

Maybe cartwheels are a good thing.