Tuesday, August 23, 2011 my feet.....

Today was just another normal day.
Had breakfast.
Did some painting.
Had lunch.
Did some more painting. ( bedrooms not art )
Experienced my first earthquake.

Did you hear about the earth quake that shook up the east coast today?
Very weird.

The epicenter of the 5.9 quake was east of Richmond VA
and I felt it clear as day in my house in Pennsylvania.

I was in my workshop in my basement when I felt it.
Within a few seconds I had a variety of thoughts,
first, my dogs must be rough housing very enthusiastically above me,
and then I pictured my washing machine on spin cycle coming through the ceiling,
but then when I heard the ping ping ping of a tool rattling on my tool board I thought, I think this is a earthquake.
I'm guessing it lasted 15 - 20 seconds.

For my friends in California who experience this on a regular basis,
we don't.
In fact, this is my first one in 56 years.

My daughter, who happened to be home for a visit ( to drop off some dirty cloths and have her mom make her some food ) said that my wife, upon feeling the tremor, yelled EARTHQUAKE, grabbed the dogs and ran outside..................................leaving me in the basement!
Let me repeat.
She grabbed THE DOGS!



beth said...

what. i don't get it....she grabbed the dogs. that's what every responsible mother and woman would do...oh i get it. she's a wife, too....and you were in the basement.....LOL

obviously she knows that you are a manly man and could fend for yourself....OR that she would have come back for you after the dogs were safe.....OR she forgot you were home....OR she figured with your "olympic" abilities you'd become earthquake hero and just leap and bound your way out of the basement and meet her in the yard :)

missing moments said...

LOL! Not a good sign, Mark, that she grabbed the dogs!
We felt it too ... way strange!

dcpeg said...

I'm surprised your daughter could even find the dogs. Pets of neighbors all seemed to get under beds moments before we felt anything. Still -- you're her Dad!! Gonnna take some serious kissing up on her part to make up for THAT!!

Megan said...

I was driving through Richmond with Charlie, but missed any action completely since we were in a moving car. BUMMER.

Mom knew I was in Richmond though and was really freaking out when the phones didn't work. Nothing like some good old fashioned excitement! :)

Marilyn said...

Doesn't your wife know you aren't suppose to run outside. The ground might open up and swallow her and the dogs, leaving you all alone with your daughters laundry to do. Funny! The earth is coming alive even on the east coast.

Jerral Miles said...

...let us tell you about earthquakes... Southern California has just passed off the baton to you folks in the East...Enjoy!