Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's getting more difficult for me to support our President with the same enthusiasm I had during his historic"Campaign for Change."
I made 100 cold calls on his behalf before the big election. I did not enjoy people cussing at me and hanging up on me, but I did it, for the cause.
I feel like we're a on a first name basis because of my work on the campaign.

That being said, "Hey Barrack! Get it together. Just because the Republicans have beat on you for the last couple of weeks over your proposal of tighter environmental regulations, that's no reason to cave in and back off something, that you said many times, was important to you."

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the environmental issues we have, are still that, issues.

Please revisit photo above.
Please note the amount of trash stuck between our boat and the dock, here in Houston, TX.
I was on the phone with my wife looking over the side of the boat at this trash pile and said,
"Excuse me honey, but I am watching a crab walking ON TOP OF the trash, trying to find the water." ( where's my camera when I need it?)

Mr. President, I'm a little disappointed.


Jerral Miles said...

Scary photograph... Do you think he doesn't get out any more to see that they're still spreading all that shit around everywhere, spoiling everything? He should come along with me one morning on a bike ride down along the river to see what gets dumped there. I wish you could show him what's between your boat and the dock. How can we get word to him that he it's as bad as it ever was before he was elected?

Alison said...

Agreed - a scary photograph. Send a copy to the White House!

Karen said...

If only it would mean something to everyone. That's what it will take to change.

Horrifying. And that's just one little corner of it all.

Formerly known as Frau said...


This was the first time when I visited the NJ shore and no trash floating in the water or washing up on shore in years of me going there. I think people need to care and do there part.

nacherluver said...

I try to keep the faith, but alas, I agree. It was this last vote against our environment that did it. Enough. Grow a pair and fight for what you promised.

Cait Throop said...

But I don't understand...why don't the Republicans care about the environment??? We all have to live in this filth.

Anonymous said...

So disgusting and sad. It takes so very little for each and every person to dispose or their own trash in a responsible way. I shake my head and wonder why it has to be the way it is.... so sad.

Joey said...

Oh that is an eye opening, ugly ass picture. So sad. So disappointed...

Marilyn said...

That is alot of trash just floating there. It is indeed scary. I am disappointed in our President, but where do we go from here. It is scary too!

Yesterday it hit me that in some ways Bin Laden is still destroying our country by the turn in events after 9/11. It is so sad to see where our country is heading.