Friday, December 2, 2011

Cain and Christmas

I sure hope Herman Cain can "bob and weave".
It's quite possible some Mikasa fine china is coming his way via his wife, as we speak.
Today was the day he was to have a sit down with her.
Subject matter?
The 13 year relationship he had with another woman.
I would love to be a fly on the wall during that meeting.

Here we are in December with Christmas approaching fast.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

This year I'm trying to embrace the true meaning of Christmas.
It's not about the decorations or the tree and not even the egg nog.
We may not admit it, but we know what's important.

It's Amazon's "Wish List."
I mean really, how awesome is that?

Merry Christmas!


SueAnn said...

Oh so true!! The Amazon wish list is the best!!
And Cain...really????

jane said...

Mark, it's really about getting together with the Bowen clan. Remember?
Luke is sad that Cain will likely drop out. He will miss the laughs Cain provides. Maybe now Cain will have time to study up on Libya.

Anonymous said...

Love the way they bob and weave and deny and then admit to it.

We love Amazon at our house. Wonder if Cain has the Presidency on his Amazon list? Hey, it can be bought, right??

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh my! Amazon likes me so much after my recent purchases of the camera and lens. Yet they still tempt me daily. Curse you Amazon.

Karen said...

I was thinking -
sad is that... to announce to the general voting public - "My wife and I will have a face to face meeting on Friday to discuss the situation"... lol... the situation room, yeah, to be a fly on THAT wall.

I never understand why these guys don't think it's gonna surface and bite them in the @ss.

Nah, it really is all about the egg nog and the gingerbread. I only used Amazon twice so far this season! ....

Marilyn said...

And I do have a very long Amazon wish list. And yes, a fly on the wall could be dangerous is that Mikasa is flying.

Dan Kent said...

Amazon's wish list is definitely my favorite part of the season. Re Cain (hmmm, that's funny, never noticed his namesake before), how on earth did he think he could run for President and not have this exposed?! I think megalomania is a requirement for running for President - I mean, who would ever believe they are qualified for the job? Is anyone qualified for the job?