Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lots of drama

I watched the convention last night. Actually, I was watching hurricane Isaac rumble ever so slowly toward those very unlucky residents of the Gulf Coast, but CNN kept interrupting the coverage with images of multi-pinned, goofy hat wearing convention goers, frolicking in Tampa as various VIP's of the republican party spoke of how things will be different if their man wins the election.

I will say this. Ann Romney knows how to give a speech. She was there to share with the world what Mitt is like behind close doors. I learned he makes her laugh. Ok, that's swell. But if I wanted my president to make me chuckle I'd nominate Will Ferrel. He cracks me up. Mitt doesn't.

Actually, after listening to her comfortably tell us about her husband, he actually sounds like a pretty nice guy.
But do I want to hear that at the Republican convention?

Chris Christi, the robust in your face Governor of New Jersey also spoke last night and hey, I found him entertaining. Actually, I thought he took his opportunity as key note speaker to make his case for the Presidency. Listening to him, I forgot about Mitt.
One other thing.
"Over the top" is how you might explain the actions of these Hurricane reporters out in the elements reporting things like, "With these winds, the rain feels like little bullets hitting me," and " I can barely stand up in these 75 mile an hour winds."

These guys are sickening in their quest to bring us the most dramatic footage they can find. How about putting a camera on a street corner, and then you Mr. weather man, sit inside with your microphone and tell us what you see.
I don't need to see a stop sign torn from it's moorings by 100 MPH winds and traveling frisbee like toward a reporter, with the possibility of severing his arm, or worse.

I swear I could sense the disappointment in Anderson Coopers voice because the siding on a house he was near, just would not rip off, providing him and his cameraman the dramatic shot they were looking for.

Hurricane's provide us all with enough drama. You don't have to make it up. Just look at the footage today of the people who lost their homes from this massive deadly storm.

Al Roker, get back in the studio where you belong.


Jerral Miles said...

I'm glad you're watching the big storm from the comfort of home instead of a tossing barge in the Mississippi River or the Gulf of Mexico. There'll be a big mess to clean up when the weather clears.

Anonymous said...

the news is no longer the news... it's now become just one more cheap and poorly done reality show. It's only about the ratings.

Phyllis said...

Hi Mark,

I found you via This Old House 2.

I couldn't agree with you more on all points.

As far as the weather reporting goes - I said the same thing (to myself) today. They get out in the storm and repeat the same things every time. They dig around until they find the poorest person to interview trying to keep people watching. It's sad and kind of disgusting all at the same time. There are still fires burning out west I believe, but they got tired of covering that a couple of weeks ago. And not a single mention about the loss of wildlife...

Joey said...

Ann Romney talking about middle class moms is like Chris Christie talking about a salad. (Love Denis Leary!)

Haaaaa!!!!! Hate them all! And get rid of the darn Lobby. There's the real problem...

(I'm getting really cranky about this election.)

beth said...

omg....i couldn't agree with you more on any of this !!

i kind of fell in love with chris. i love his self confidence!

ann...well she spoke well, but i'm not sure her speech was what i was looking for. maybe cotton candy and slushies passed around would have really driven home how normal and sweet mitt is. oh shoot. is that bad of me to write that ?

and oh lord....isaac. you are SO right. disappointed weathermen and reporters were causing more "damage" than the storm was.

oh. by the way. HI are you :)

Karen said...

... Yes, she's very nice indeed. And I'm sure Mitt is too. Nice.

Presidential material?.. a whole nother ball game. Now pass me that slushie, Beth... as if I haven't had enough sugar in the past 24 hours.


And I cannot believe the people of Katrina are getting hit yet again, hard. :-(

Formerly known as Frau said...

I couldn't listen to Ann's speech to the end I just kept vomiting! Too much Mormon there...I lived most my life in Utah you do not want a Mormon president ! News reports of hurricane I agree get inside people!

dcpeg said...

You SAID it , Man!!