Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ok, you win, gimmi a gun

I've been worn down. It's everywhere on the news, on social network sites on blogs. The gun owners rights are being threatened. You win. I want me a gun.

So, I looked into it and boy am I outraged!
I wanted to buy a grenade launcher and a scud missile. It seems they have some laws that stipulate I, a private citizen can not own a grenade launcher and a scud missile.

HOW DARE YOU! How dare the government refuse my right to own a grenade launcher. My 2nd amendment right says I have the right to protect myself. Give me a scud please.

This argument sounds silly doesn't it? Yeah, about as silly as the argument from the NRA stating that if our gun laws are changed to outlaw the sale of semi automatic weapons with high capacity clips, then that means we are infringing on the rights of gun owners.

Hey, no it doesn't.

All that is is a reasonable change in our laws that might save some people from being killed in the future.

The NRA chief is expected to say today, when he participates in the Senate hearings on gun control, "We need to look at a full range of mental health issues....."
I agree.

He will say, "We need to better enforce the gun laws that are already in place."
I agree.

Another part of this overhaul should be a reasonable compromise by gun owners, when President Obama and others want to tweek the current laws to be consistent with the times in which we live.

Quit being so freekin paranoid, the government likes the 2nd amendment, we don't want your guns. The government has no plans to storm your living room as you are watching your 46 inch HD flat screen TV.
Relax, and make some reasonable changes.

As I write this, there is a gunmen loose in Phoenix Arizona after shooting 3  people in a business complex.


Jerral Miles said...

This is one of the most sensible, realistic statements about the current situation regarding the ridiculous bruhaw (is that the way you spell it) over saving lives by changing and enforcing gun laws. Thanks for this.

beth said...

when we were growing up, nobody was killed with a gun, ever. okay, maybe something freakish in a hunting excursion, but that's it.

i just pray something can be fixed. our kids have grown up with guns being "so normal" and when yet another person is killed and it's on the news....well that's just like regular news anymore.....

it's so sad. i hate it all.

bon bon said...

what frightens me is there are already so many assault weapons out there that we can never return to the way it was...under reagan! yup. the man said they had no place in our society. but, you know, let's just stick to quoting our leaders and the bible as it's convenient for our cause.


Marilyn said...

Whew! And I thought you were headed for the grenade. So well said! My 92 year old aunt, who watches Fox news religiously, tried to tell me about the second amendment and needing guns. I said we need to eliminate weapons of war with the average person. After I explained, she calmed down. She was ready to get a gun. (just kidding) She should know better since her son once shot up her house for no reason, but that there was a gun in the house. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Karen said...

When my daughter was in the hospital after a car accident six years ago.. there were three young men in a period of two weeks time who were admitted and died from gun shots wounds in the city of New Haven. I watched their families and their friends come and go as the young men were brought in, and then removed from life support. Horrible horrible thing. And that was just a two week period... a blip, nothing special or out of the ordinary for that city.

It's become way too accepted in our culture. Something.. needs to change. NOTHING... is not acceptable.

Donna said...

I love your steadfast committment to being a voice of reason crying in the wilderness! Our world needs more voices like yours... all of which is to say, I agree. Keep up the good work!

Donna said...

I love your steadfast committment to being a voice of reason crying in the wilderness! Our world needs more voices like yours... all of which is to say, I agree. Keep up the good work!

Joey said...

I can't...