Thursday, January 10, 2013


I love the show "Top Chef."
Ok, I admit, Padma is one reason I tune in
but mainly it's because of the awesome food they whip up.

Yesterday my daughter and I watched a Top Chef marathon.
By the end of the 5th show I was starved.
So I gave my wife a "Quick Fire Challenge."

 Tempeh sauteed with onion and fennel seed that was hand ground with coarse sea salt.
mashed potatoes smothered in a Maitake mushroom gravy,
with sauteed carrots,onion and kale
and a fresh picked green salad on the side
that I never touch. 

She has immunity in the next challenge.

Because I was a large donor to the Obama campaign
I keep getting emails asking if I want
to attend the inauguration. 

Been there - Done that.

Hopefully I'll have a better seat this time around.

Big news in our household.
My oldest daughter Erin is now engaged.
His name is Matt.
Unlike son in law #1, he is not Irish
so that's a bit disconcerting.

But I did witness him ordering a pint of Guiness
without being prompted,
so he has that going for him.

So, I did what any future father in law would do
and invited him over for a celebration of sorts.

That's right, I put him to work.

As you can see
he passed the test with flying colors.


Cait Throop said...

Too funny, gave more than I did (though I voted for him!)!! And your new soon-to-be-son-in-law...He can be an honorary Irish. My son's Jewish girlfriend, Sofia, is honorary Irish. My favorite cooking show is "Chopped" I can't believe how they can come up with edible dishes given those ingredients...keeps me fascinated! :)

Sally said...

I've got to stop looking at food; that sounds so good!!

Are you really going to the inaug? Just curious. :)

Janney said...

flip... that's alot of wood!

Karen said...

WOW that meal looks awesome!! And now I have to google tempeh. Yep, I really don't exactly know what it is. You're not rolling your eyes, are you?

Congrats to the new family member! My husband's father was a bit dismayed when he learned I was not JUST Italian, but Irish too. He got used to it.

Karen said...

oooohkay then. I googled. it's definitely not an Irish

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow your wife is amazing to just whip that meal up! Congrats to your daughter engagement! I'm glad you put him through the ringer! Have a great weekend!

Marilyn said...

Glad he passed the test!
I get that same invite to attend the event in Washington and I didn't even donate. They even say I might win a free trip.

Jerral Miles said...

Wonderful! Only in America. Your picture of The Mall on an Inauguration Day makes me worry a little less about the nutcases out there in the homeland hugging their guns. We shall overcome.

missing moments said...

The food looks great! And that's a lot of wood!