Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Strong Message Sent

Adam Silver has a new job. His job title is Commissioner of the NBA. He's been sitting behind his new desk for exactly 88 days. He had a busy day today. The first thing on his "to do" list was to squash this mess caused by the LA Clippers owner, when he was over heard telling his girlfriend that she should refrain from taking pictures with THEM, you know, black people and posting them on Instagram.

This conversation that was recorded has sent the media world into a frenzy, not to mention the NBA players. Everyone was waiting to see what this new commish was going to do. Well, talk about carrying a big stick. Mr. Silver fined the bigoted owner 2.5 million bucks for starters. He would have fined him more, but that is most he is allowed to fine someone. So, he added this. Don Racist Sterling, who attends all of his teams home games, and has for 30 years, is banned from the NBA for LIFE. You go Adam Silver!! He can't step into a NBA arena, he can have no dealings with his LA Clippers, none, zilch, nada.
Adam Silver didn't stop there. In a passionate news conference he gave this afternoon, he said he would do everything in his power to convince the other 29 NBA owners, to vote to remove him as a NBA owner and force him to sell his team.

You could tell Adam Silver was pissed. If he was allowed I think he would have taken Donald Sterlings first born just to make a point.

Today was a good day. This commissioner has a large set. His message was this, there will be no primitive, ignorant, racist thinking in his NBA.



NanaDiana said...

Amen! I was so proud to see that man stand up and do what was right. This is not the 1950's South! You watch there will be all kinds of flack because it was supposed to be a "private" conversation and you can bet that will be brought into play.

I wonder if they can actually force him to sell though?

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love it.....and the message was sent perfectly loud and clear. I hope he is force to sell. Lets talk about Donald Trump's comment about the girlfriend being a bad girlfriend releasing that....ummmm no mention of the bad behavior of Sterling....which I heard everyone and their dog knew he spoke like this for years yet still associated with him.

Island Woman MJ said...

What a good thing it would be if all who pull this sort of thing on so many levels would be dealt with the same. I'd like to see a lot of good days. 'You were bad. You will be punished.' Period.

Karen said...

and Amen again!

Joey said...

Best television EVER!

Jerral Miles said...

I like the way you think... and write.