Saturday, July 4, 2009

"It's a parking lot"

I'm still getting used to the fact that this boat, at least the small amount of time I've had to call her home, spends a lot more time sitting, than she does moving.

We're presently anchored just a short Statten Island ferry ride away from Manhatten, and as you can see from the radar picture I attached, this is a very popular, thus busy anchorage. All those blips on the screen are tankers and barges, some with full loads of very expensive oil, just sitting. I wonder who's picking up the tab on that?

I'd say I'm settling in nicely with my new crew mates on board my tug, The Patriot Service. The name of this came about because she was christened soon after the 9/11 attacks, and our company wanted to name this and 3 other tugs that were to be christened at the same time, a name with Patriotic flavor. So they were named the Patriot, the Liberty, the Eagle and the Freedom.

Prior to their christenings, our company sent out an email inviting all employees to suggest names for these boats. The winner won a coffee mug or something.

I wanted to name 2 of them, "Tower 1" and "Tower 2", for obvious reasons. I think they were correct in disregarding my suggestion. No coffee cup for me.

The boys on here have been quite hospitable and have made this transition for me pretty easy.

As time goes on I begin to learn more and more about each guy.

The Captain, an Eagle scout and the mate, each from Tampa Fla, I would describe as true gentlemen. Each have a way of dealing with the crew that is impressive and both are very talented at their jobs, which is boat handling. Some guys have it and some guys don't. They have the touch.

Brad is new on board this hitch and sort of keeps to himself, but he works hard and is a real nice guy.

Mike, a 50 something old biker is all about bikes. I've seen more pictures of Harley's in the past few weeks than I care to remember, but he's a sweetheart, well meaning, and just wants to get home to ride his bike.

Just as I have to get used to the new crew, they have to adjust to the new guy, me. The've accepted my "vegetarian tendencies quite well, often putting a dish or bowl of meatless food aside before they plop the ham or chicken in the soup.

I'd have to say, so far so good.


dcpeg said...

Sounds like a nice bunch of guys. You're also lucky that they don't tease you for your vegetarian ways. Some think vegans are wimps. I, on the other hand, think it takes fortitude to not eat meat. I'm not a big meat-eater but I do enjoy a good steak every now and again. . .

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you're settling in well with your new team mates and it's great that they take your diet choices/needs seriously!

And that sure is a LOT of blips on the radar.