Sunday, August 23, 2009

All the comforts of home

For the last few days we've been blessed with the presence of one of our many bosses. You can imagine what fun that is. He usually spends his days in our company's Ivory tower doing....well, we're not sure what he does.
What he is doing on the boat with us is making sure we're carrying out our jobs with our company's safety policies in mind, and believe me, they cover every aspect of our job.
So far we've been informed the TV is on too much. It's a 42" flat screen, what does he expect. We were also informed that we're not supposed to use our cell phones while on watch. I wonder if he answers his phone at work when his wife calls?
Last but not least, he has reminded us of the grooming policy, yes, I said grooming policy, we have in place. I don't think he's too happy with the Motley crew look we have going on.
With fear of sharing way too much info, I'd like to state then when I'm on the boat for 3 weeks, i usually shave once a week. I'm on here with a bunch of dudes! What's the problem?
Anyway, after a week, I look in the mirror and what I see is a ruggedly handsome younger Clint Eastwood type of look going on, when in reality it is more of a graying homeless man look.
I don't think my boss is a Clint eastwood fan, he hinted that I should shave.
I was thinking of the first ship I ever sailed on, i remember it like it was yesterday. It was full of big burly bearded tatooed sailors who drank coffee black out of stained white cups, and would eat gruel if you gave it to them.
Today if you go to the store and come back without hazelnut coffee creamer, someone might pout.
Our Cereal section of the pantry is home to Captain Crunch, Trix, Applejack s and Sugar Puffs. Wow, what an intimidating bunch we are.
Don't get in an argument in our galley, someone might throw our Cappuccino maker at you.
Yes, things are a bit different these days, but I do love a nice hazelnut flavored coffee.


Janney said...

lol! thats hillarious...

dcpeg said...

. . .but Trix are for kids!

LOL!! I can almost picture you guys sipping your lattes with pinky fingers positioned just so.

As for the facial hair: couldn't it be excused as helping you all avoid sunburn on your faces?

Great sroty-telling! Thanks for sharing.

dcpeg said...

P.S. Didn't see that sroty thing til after I posted it . . . you DID figure out it should have been story, right. . . .?

beth said...

I've pegged you as a clint eastwood type of guy from the get go !
YES...ruggedly handsome is what you are in my book !

and my creamer....french vanilla always, although they just came out with an almond creme that is quite fabulous....but always in my tea as I'm not a coffee drinker :)

at least he didn't tell you to stop that would have been cause for a heave-ho overboard, don't you think ?

Mark said...

Right now those big burly tatooed sailors of yester year are pulling their scruffy beards right out knowing I'm blogging.

there is a "zero tolerance" rule on board all vessels.....I'm blogging instead.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think that these Bosses forget what it was like to 'work the floor' once they're suited up, so to speak. Their presence often takes the fun out of things...