Friday, January 22, 2010

A chilly cookout

Today was cookout Friday on the boat. The fact that it was a blustery 22 degrees did not deter our grill master. I was all for canceling until, say, mid June, but the cookout when on as planned.

I love a good cookout on a warm sunny day. There's nothing like the ritual of preparing the coals, yes, coals, no high tech gas grill for this family. We're old school all the way. We do everything but rub two sticks together to get the fire started.

The coal lighting is like a ritual. First soaking them with an abundant amount of lighter fluid, and then waiting. I learned this from my dad. It's during this very critical waiting period that the first beer gets opened. I learned that on my own.

The length of the coal soaking waiting period is not a pre-determined amount of time. I go by feel. It's an instinct. For me, by the time my beer is about half empty, it's time to soak again and light. As you can see, this is not an exact science.

I started thinking about all this today, while we prepared for our cookout on the boat. It became quite clear that the coal lighting ritual on the boat, differs quite a bit, from my time tested ritual we use at home.

Beer is not permitted on the boat, so coffee and water were the drinks of choice.

We did not adhere to the “soak-wait-soak” method so perfected by my dad. We used the “pour gasoline on it-light a match- and run like hell” method. I do not recommend this method.

It does set off a really impressive little explosion if your looking for a thrill.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. We are trained professionals.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

HAHAHAHA Yea I can tell you are proffs...there's one sausage on the ground my sweet cook. Hope that one will be for the birds and fish...

You made me smile with your story and i'll bet you long for the time to cook with a beer in your hand.

Hope you had a wonderful meal.

slommler said...

ROFL!!! Now that is a cookout for sure!! Love the "running like hell" part. Too funny! Those sausages looked so good though. Now I am hungry!

Diahn said...

Hee, see - my dad ALWAYS went for the "run like hell" approach...

dcpeg said...

Leave it to guys to turn a simple grilling activity into a pyrotechnical-thrill-of-a-life-time event! [Hope the fire extinguisher was handy!] Love the way you told the story-- ;-)

My Dad was firmly opposed to starter fluid of any sort. He said it didn't taste good, so he built a tin chimney sorta thing with a grate on the bottom. Paper, briquets (sp?) and a match - that's all there was to it! [He missed his opportunity to become a millionaire by not listening to us insisting that he patent is invention!]

Janney said...

I was told Americans did'nt know what sausages WERE. I must have my facts wrong...

Mark said...

Janney- I never heard that about Americans, but obviously we need help in cooking them, see the one on the deck?

DCPEG- I just bought one of those cones for starting coals, paper on the bottom and..waalaa. Amazing. Your dad surely should have put his name on that.