Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A bit of History

I find that old, unused buildings and other structures draw my eye as quickly as a shiny new skyscraper does.

My mind runs wild as I look at an old windowless warehouse imagining the atmosphere there during it's heyday. This worn out building must have been bustling with activity 20 or 30 years ago.
It now sits, empty, a shell of its former self.
I imagine it was a storage facility of some kind, supporting the ships that docked a mere 100 yards away.
Now, just a home for the river rats.

This Brooklyn based structure which sits directly across New York Harbor from the recently refurbished Statue of Liberty, is biding it's time, waiting for the demolition to begin.
If I concentrate hard enough on the 2nd story window, I can visualize the desk where 2 Brooklynites sat, many years ago arguing the merits of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees.

Today as we passed this dilapidated old dry dock, I had to grab my camera.
It's easy for me to picture an old tug boat perched on the blocks with dozens of hard hat sporting men crawling all over her performing their jobs.

If you enlarge this photo you can see the valve wheels at the top, used to fill the sides with water which in turn lowered her passenger back into the water.
I'm sure many years ago this dry dock was the pride of the river,
like these maybe.

The cycle continues.


Alison said...

Great pictures Mark, and I'm with you - I really like those old buildings and structures. I love that evocative sense of history.

slommler said...

Fabulous pics!!! I too love old buildings and you have shown some terrific specimens here. The broken windows, the age-old wood. Really nice!

Frau said...

Awesome pictures Mark! Great eye in pictures!

Vicky said...

Wonderful photos! I am fascinated with your location and the close up view you are giving us... I feel like I am there. I wonder if you googled the names of the buildings if you'd uncover a bit of its history?

Janney said...

Cool pictures. You get to see some interesting places...

dcpeg said...

Your thoughts about your subjects were as captivating as your pics! Old structures can realy stir the imagination, can't they. Thanks for sharing yours.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

I'm here with you Mark. Love old buildings way better than the new ones too. They've got a heart and story to tell, to wonder about at least.
The old dock of wood is amazing.
And the fist photo could turn just back into a loft home building if you restore it right.
Thanks for bringing out the good old days.