Saturday, May 29, 2010

Old Warrior

In honor of Memorial Day, I was going to try to write a tribute to our soldiers who died defending our country, but I think Peg says it all in this post.

I thought I would just mention this old warrior we past the other day.

The aircraft carrier Intrepid is presently retired and spending her days as a museum at Pier 86 in Manhattan's west side.

The thousands of tourists that roam her massive structure today are quite different from the thousands of servicemen who lived aboard during her 30 years of service.
Her resume is quite impressive.
She served in WWII, the Cold War and the Vietnam War.
She also served as the recovery ship for NASA during the Marcury and Gemini space programs.


Alison said...

Thanks Mark.

Frau said...

Wow she is impressive! Great pictures...have a wonderful long weekend.

slommler said...

Amazing ship! Great photos! Thanks

dcpeg said...

Many, many thanks for your kind words, Mark.

I've got goose bumps looking at your pics of the old ship, thinking about all the guys who sailed her and defended her from being sunk during so many combat missions over the years. I'll bet there are some ghosts on that ole girl!

Marilyn said...

Have a great Memorial Day!