Friday, August 20, 2010

August Break, not working.

The ""August Break" I have been trying to take along with many Bloggers on here is really a good idea, but it is an idea I am having trouble abiding by.

Yeah, take a break for August, just post a picture and go about your business. Post a photo and go cut the grass, watch TV or pet the dog.
Sounds good on paper.

But I'm once again in Fourchon, LA. and everything around me screams OIL SPILL and that just pisses me off. So I need to vent. Isn't that why I started blogging?
I think so.

Anyway, we all know there is a lot of money in the oil business, right?
I knew that too, but let me give you an example of just how much money is being thrown around down here in the Gulf.

Here's "supply boat company 101" in a nutshell.
Our company has supply boats of every size.
If oil company A needs a supply boat to support their oil drilling, they contact someone like my company.

Just like renting a car, a sub compact will be cheaper than a Mercedes.
But our company also has 2 "Specialty Vessels" that perform the normal task of a supply boat plus they have the capability to do other tasks.

For instance, working for BP on the Top Kill project and the project that actually sealed the well.
( For now)

Below are our 2 Specialty Vessels that BP contracted from our company.

If you would like to lease any one of these vessels, you would need to write a check for

$100,000............................................................per day!

The name of the vessel in the first photo is the IRON HORSE.

No Pope names for that bad boy!


nacherluver said...

Um.. yeah.. that's crazy. I totally understand why the break is not working for you. Sheesh!

Marilyn said...

There are days when I just have to say more too. So go for it. I don't think I am one of your followers; so maybe I should be so you gain one. I do visit you fairly regularly and it is fun to have numbers move up.

slommler said...

I hear they found the "hidden" oil!!! Great!! Now what!?

Karen said...

Really, it just gets more and more obscene. *sigh*

beth said...

we allow go ahead and VENT away !

and now i go.....whaaaaaaaat ? over what you just shared with us.