Monday, September 20, 2010

Spreading the word

Have you ever seen the TODAY show? You know, the morning news show located in New York where they do small segments of the show outside surrounded by the enthusiastic public frantically waving in hopes of getting on TV?

It's all about position. If you can stake out a prime spot behind the barricade near the host of the show, your chances of getting on TV are quite good.

My daughter Erin, who works for ONE, took her basketball low post skills to Times Square this morning, elbowing herself into position and found herself with more air time than Al Roker the weather man.

She was there wearing ONE T-shirts and holding signs shamelessly promoting the ONE campaign.

Check out this very short video to learn how your voice can help achieve their goal, that by 2015 no child will be born with HIV.
Everyday, 1000 babies are born with HIV, but it doesn't have to be like that.

Your voice alone can make a difference.


Vicky said...

I used to watch the today show every day and then I had kids and now all tv viewing while the kids are awake is severely limited to kid fare. What a great idea and one that is easy to get behind :)

nacherluver said...


slommler said...

That is terrific!!! And I applaud her efforts. That is super!!

Jerral Miles said...

We need more people in the world with Erin's commitment to the health of the human race.