Friday, October 8, 2010

Each name speaks volumns

I'm surrounded by boats of all sizes and shapes.
As varied as they are in size, so are the names the owners choose to paint on their bows.

So, I ask myself, why do we name boats?
Why don't we name cars too?
I might ask my wife when she's leaving, "are you taking the Honda or the Highlander?"
I never ask, "Are you taking the Honey Bee or the Sea Horse?"
You know what I mean?

I think we should start putting a name on our cars fender. If nothing else, it tells you something about the owner.
I've been paying attention to the names of boats recently.
Below is the Harvey War Horse III.
It looks like a war horse, durable, tough, no nonsense.
If I wanted to hire a boat, I'd take the Harvey War Horse over Lilly Pad. You know what I mean.

That got me to thinking. Why in the world would an owner name his supply boat the Bumble Bee?
Not very appealing to me, but the owner must have liked the idea because he named his second boat the Busy Bee.

Many companies use their boats to show their patriotism. Our company is one of them. We have the Liberty, the Freedom, the Eagle and my boat, the Patriot. Our owner showed his muscle when he named some of his supply boats, the Innovator, the Dominator and the Iron Horse.
Big horses are a very popular name for boats down here in Louisiana.

Another company chose the names, Inspiration, Pride and Relentless. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them, they sound like they'd get the job done.

The Fast Bandit, the Fast Scout and the Fast Team are boats I would hire if i wanted to get a little job done quickly. But if I had a hard complicated job to complete, I think
the Harvey War Horse would get the call.

A company named Chouest named 3 of their boats the Gary, the Laney and the Paul. I wouldn't hire them mainly because of a lack of imagination. Come on Mr. Chouest, put some thought into it.

I saw the Miss Lauren, the Miss Kelly, the Miss Alissa and the Miss Karen and I thought of one thing.
I know who wears the pants in that owners family.


Karen said...

LOL... great post, Mark. So.. there's a Miss Karen who wears the pants in the family SOMEWHERE, anyway, huh? Well, atleast her mother does.

My car's license plate as been "EMA" for 20 years. I've called whatever I'm driving for those 20 years "Emma", and people often say "I say Emma at the diner, you guys went out to eat last night?".

Names are important.. there's also the sex of the thing, you know. Some vehicles/boats/bikes, etc are masculine, some are feminine, and what is it that makes us decide which is which? Another post, perhaps.

beth said...

this was so totally "andy rooney" on 60 minutes ....i think you should submit it and ask them if you could fill in as a guest the next time andy is out.....

Formerly known as Frau said...

Too funny! When ever I'm at a marina I always wonder about the boat names! When my daughter was little she named out cars. My old one was putt putt I think she thought it moved slow. My husbands truck is still called Silver she lacked imagination of names at six! But I love her! Have a wonderful long weekend!

Janney said...

Our family used to paddle around the river at our bach looking at all the interesting names ppl named their boats. I had a little dingy named "Blue Moon" as a child :)