Monday, November 29, 2010

Glass half.....

When your a young couple expecting your first baby, your life looking forward will be filled with many decisions, important decisions to be made.
You never think your ready, but somehow most of us "man-up" and thrive on the new challenges ahead.
Here's a rule I would like to institute.
If you and your wife spend all the time required looking through all the "Baby Names" books, and you can't decide on a name, so you go to a social networking website and ask people you don't know to suggest names for your baby and you plan on picking a winner, and naming your baby something someone you don't know suggested, THAN YOU SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A BABY!
Of all the decisions these parents will have to make, the easiest is probably picking a name.

I read a story tonight, the subject matter being glass half full or half empty.
Any time I hear that phrase, it reminds me of my wife. She is a glass half full person.
About 10 years ago, while on a boat in a Louisiana ship yard, for reasons I won't go into here, I packed up my stuff and walked off the boat. Quit. I don't recommend this.
I went to a hotel, booked a flight for the next morning to my home. While at the airport that morning, I called my wife, told her I was at the airport about to fly home, and explained the disagreement I had with one of my superiors, and told her I had just quit.
There was a a pause, and then she said, "Well, we'll look at this situation as an adventure."
Yeah, she's a glass half full kind of girl.
Update: I was hired back 2 days later, the gentlemen who was treating our crew no better than dogs in a kennel is no longer with us.

Am I the only one who is not surprised that Labron James and his Miami teammates have the cohesion of a playground pickup team?
A true team consists of much more than sticking 3 high scoring, pampered,spoiled players together.
Labron spoke of winning 6 Championships while in Miami before he ever scored one point.
Their record now is 9 and 8. They stink.
Why am I finding great joy in watching this overconfident team melt down.
I don't know, but it sure has been entertaining.


beth said...

basketball....not really me anymore....buti college football this year has been my thing...have you seen our badgers ?

anyhow, me....oh yeah !
i'm totally a glass half full kind of girl..

well, unless my luggage doesn't show up on the carousel after flying all day....then that glass of mine is more than half empty....

and the look on my face is really ugly !

slommler said...

Us Cleveland fans are yucking it up big time!!!!! Ha!!
I am a glass half full kind of girl as well. There is always a solution! It's always an adventure. Change is good!
Need I go on?

Karen said...

Glass half full, absolutely. You married well, Mark... this is the kind of person you want hanging around when someone sticks a straw in it and sucks some up.

I think it's poetic that a bunch of spoiled over-compensated ego-inflated self-important athletes can't get it together. Maybe they'll learn something valuable and play like a real team, which is what the success should be all about.

Jerral Miles said...

There's a lot to like about this BLOG post, but when I pick what it is I like best (besides your wife's being a glass-half-full person, which I like very, very much and which always will make me think of you as a very lucky man to have her for life's partner)... back to what I like best otherwise: It's the picture of the white egret all by itself by the row of bayou grass. There's emotion in that picture.