Monday, December 6, 2010

Holidays and Transportation

It started innocently enough many years ago. I wasn't home for one of my girls birthdays, so the birthday was celebrated as expected, on the actual day of her birth followed by another celebration when I got home.
Christmas would take place pretty much the same way if I were not at home. Santa doesn't know my work schedule so naturally on Christmas morning there would be the presents he dropped off to be opened. When I finally got home there would be another celebration of sorts.
The bottom line is this. To this day, Holidays and birthdays at this Finucane household seem to go on for weeks. No wonder the children were never upset that dad wouldn't be home.

In true Finucane style, my wife and I celebrated our 29th anniversary......for 3 days this past weekend.
Friday, a little Latin dancing. ( Yep, we rock! )
Saturday, a Christmas driving tour to beautiful homes in our area that welcome in strangers to look inside their houses. Sort of a strange concept if you ask me, peeking into other peoples worlds. It's like Facebook in 3D. But it was fun. The highlight was walking through this 150 year old barn that was renovated into a beautiful 4 story home. The downside is, now my wife wants to buy a 150 year old barn and renovate it.
Sunday, a delicious brunch complete with Mimosa's ended our 3 day celebration.

I must say, for this anniversary I was in the best shape of my life. Why? Well I had to go through the "Full body Scan" at the airport on the way home.
I googled the full body scan before I left and when I saw the image that the TSA workers would look at as I pranced through security, two thoughts came to mind.
My first thought was, "OH--MY--GOD!
My second thought, "I better work out a little harder."
So after days of crunches and push ups the image I left on the TSA show and tell screen was one I can be proud of.
Thank you Homeland Security.
I feel great!


slommler said...

So a Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. What a great celebration you two had!! And congrats on you TSA scan. Had me one this year too! No worries!!
Merry Christmas Mark

Vicky said...

Oh that last part is hilarious! If only everyone going through the scanner could keep their humor intact in that way :) Happy Anniversary- I think it should be mandatory when you get into the double digits of years, that you celebrate for at least 3 days- you guys are sure on to something!

Karen said...

LOL... is that what it takes? I gotta plan a trip.

And.. if you're celebrating a 29th anniversary for three days, you've got something pretty great going on there. Good for you :-)

I am loving the 150 year old barn renovation thing. What an awesome project.. whan an awesome 30th wedding gift!!!!...

Melinda Owens said...

Happy Anniversary! Three day celebration? But of course! One day is never enough. Love the positive spin you've put on the Scan. If you can't beat ' some push-ups...if nothing else, at least you could kick some ass. :)

(I don't usually do this, but my word verification is RACTOOP. I'm too tired to explore this word, but I'm sure it would lead to something if I had the energy)

beth said...

wow....happy anniversary !!! and 3 days worth ? i'm telling my hubby that this year i want to keep up with mark and his wife :)

latin dancing....i'm going to tell him that, too....but it's something he'd never do.

but he would by an old barn to renovate....that happens around here in wisconsin often....but i'd like mine to be on the beach. glitches....there are always glitches !

Diahn said...

You're so funny...I hadn't thought of the TSA thing as an exercise motivator...maybe I need to schedule a plane trip somewhere!

Happy Anniversary to you and your wife!

Jerral Miles said...

The Christmas displays in your photographs would be fit right into the scene in Puerto Vallarta. Wish you were here.

Marilyn said...

Like your perspective on the body scan. I was wonder whether to body scan or be wanded. I am use to them wanding me, but maybe the body scan would be simpler.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Gosh Mark first things first congrats on your wedding does your wife holding up....with you as her crack a jack kind of type....You're tooo funny.

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time spending on Latin dancing you sure rock. THat's hard work (accualy the most for the ladies...yea I know, did it for years) we are the ones that decoy you guys....said it before hard work.

And I love the sayings of your wife..wanting that old barn. Totaly totaly understand her and backing her up for that matter...

Hope you have the best december month ever with lots of time home so santa know's were to find you.

Wonderful blessed hugs Dagmar