Monday, November 22, 2010

I was thinking....

The New York Times on line has a pretty in depth article explaining the ins and outs of Obama's health care package. It should be called, "Health Care for Dummies" because I actually understood it.
What I don't understand is the problem so many people have with it.
Before I read it, I said to myself, let this with no bias one way or the other. I read it like I was reading my car insurance plan, looking for the good and bad.
If someone could tell me one item they are dissatisfied with in the package, I would appreciate it.

Why do women buy tops and men buy shirts? What's with the "top" thing?
It's sounds fashionable, "I'm going to go buy a new top."
I think I'm going to start using that.
I want a new top for Christmas.

It's about that time of year you know. It's around this time I start counting down the days.
The big day is getting nearer.
I'm starting to sense the excitement in the air. Can you?
Like a little kid anticipating the arrival of Santa.
That's right, you guessed it.
Only 612 days until the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games.


I'm reading the autobiography of Keith Richard, the crazy, over the top, crazy good guitar player of the rock group called the Rolling Stones. Maybe you've heard of them.

The next book I want to read is George W Bush's latest. I don't know which book will prove more shocking, Keith's of George's.

While googling the info for the 2012 Olympics, ( noooo, I actually didn't know the number of days without looking it up.) the 2nd google result saw was,

"2012, the end of the world is near."
Talk about a buzz kill!


Jerral Miles said...

When you find out what the thing is about "tops," let me know. And if you come across some tidbits about bottoms, throw those in for good measure. I know about socks.

Karen said...

LOL... oh please, yes.. tell your wife and children you'de like a few new "tops" for Christmas. You know, I never thought of that, why the difference, and I never say "I found a really cool shirt in TJMAXX on sale, so I bought it."

I will be honest and tell you I was not a fan of GWB. That's putting it mildly. BUT.. I am intriqued by his autobiography...seems sacriligious to buy it.. but if you do read it, I'de be interested in your review.

I, too, had hoped the health plan would get a warm reception because it looks like it would work for everyone. The prejudice and backlash this man is up against is heartbreaking for me.

As is this new war developing, did you see the news this morning?

*sigh* My husband keeps saying another World War is on the way. Scares the hell out of me, what will be left, with the arsenal everyone has now.

Sorry, I'm writing a post in your comments section.

beth said... had me laughing through this entire post....omg, you are sooo andy rooney !!....and i say that in a really good way !!!