Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When I walked up to the wheelhouse of our tug last week, I couldn't believe what I saw.
Our sorry looking little Christmas tree that lives in an empty Folgers container all year long
has been decorated with cute little balls and tiny little lights.
My problem with this should be obvious.

IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET! Why the Christmas lights?

It seems as each year passes we're in more of a rush to welcome Santa into our homes.
Santa hasn't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet and we're nailing strings of Christmas lights to the peaks of our homes.
Talk about pressure for old Saint Nick.

When I was home last, I noticed a few homes decorated with lights in October.
Here's a general rule we should all abide by. ( Unless you live in this old house and you need to start early putting up your Christmas town because it takes so long.)
If your pumpkin is still on your front step, you can not decorate your house for Christmas.
If you live in a cold weather state or country, your not allowed to decorate for Christmas if your still wearing shorts.

I wondered recently about these Christmas lights. Where did that start, and when.
I found out that the first electrically illuminated Christmas tree was the creation of one of Thomas Edison's buddy's.
Edward Johnson was a vice president of Edison Electric Light Co and he had his tree light bulbs specially made which he hand wired on his tree.
There were 80 red white and blue lights the size of walnuts.
He plugged those lights in on Dec 22, 1882.

Centuries before that candles were glued onto branches using wax.

You know the deal, Jesus supposedly was born on Christmas Day, soooo, let's put lights up in the Fall?
I don't get it.

I think all this focus on lights and when to put them up and whose birthday is it, has made me forget what the real meaning of Christmas is.
I reflected on that today and reintroduced myself to this Holiday's true meaning.
I hope my kids take time to reflect this year and come to the same conclusion, the same meaning.

It's about GETTIN STUFF!

Bring it on kids.


beth said...

no lights for us this year outside.....and only a few inside....a bit of the "what's the big deal" attitude....

and the presents this year, slim....

i really think just being together is all we need....

unfortunately, my kids don't agree with any of this way of thinking.

i'm buying a pig for a family in ethiopia with the name of my kids as the gift giver on the card....

whaaaaaat ? i think it's perfect :)

slommler said...

I am with you!! Thanksgiving first please!!
Have a happy one Mark!

Karen said...

My grandparents tradition when my mother and siblings were very young was to sneak the tree in on CHristmas Eve after the kids went to bed. Then they would decorate everything while they were sleeping and on Christmas morn they'de wake up to a wonderland.

I don't know, that seems a bit extreme... but I'm all for waiting till after Thanksgiving, which has the most important meaning of all in my opinion.

Except for people who have ridiculous amounts of snow village to put out... have mercy on them, for they are truly burdened with that task. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mark.

Jerral Miles said...

I was wondering where you were going when I got to the part about cute little balls, but I stayed with you to the very end... and I’m still with you, my friend. The tiny little lights are turned on way too soon... and what with Black Friday and all that emphasis on getting more stuff for less starting the run-up to December 25, no wonder, as you put it so well, we “forget what the real meaning of Christmas is.” I’m staying tuned to your BLOG. You’re on the right track. Thanks.

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