Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I went on Facebook today.
I just needed to know who was tired, who was traveling up I 95, and who was eating pasta.
I was taken back by one particular "status" that read, "just sent E-Bouquet to my love."
That's nice.

Upon further review, this particular E-Bouquet isn't about sending flowers,
it's about sending PICTURES of flowers.

Right now, the referee of life, or the umpire or someone should stand up and yell
That is a definite infraction of life.
You can't send pictures of flowers to someone as a gift.
Can you?

That's a long way away from walking in the garden to gather a bunch of fresh flowers for your honey.

I'm taking this thought process to a whole new level.
I just sent my wife a PICTURE of a house on a beach.

She always wanted one.
It's beautiful.


Jerral Miles said...

Dear Mark,
I was going to send you flowers but thought better of it. This extremely polite, civil note will have to do.
Love Jerral

slommler said...

Ha! You may have started something, How about sending a vacation in some exotic place? That would be cool too??? Or it could drive the person mad!! Ha!

Joey said...

Ahahahahahha!!! What a great (and hysterical) post! Thanks for my first laugh of the day. Caught joy!

beth said...

oh good....
now i can tell my hubby it's easier than he thought. i want that beach house, too....

i can't wait to see what he gives me...i hope it has the wide plank original floors with a wall of windows that are south facing :)

Vicky said...

Ha ha! So you're saying a picture of hockey tickets to the Wild will suffice? Good to know! Thanks for the laughs :)