Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas shopping could be painless

So, we went Christmas shopping the other day.
When I say we, I mean my wife was shopping and I was there for...... not really sure.
With no fashion sense at all, I'm really useless on these journeys to Banana Republic, J Crew and the like. I do make a good walking clothing rack, holding outfits my wife picked out as I follow her around the store.

As we walked from store to store, my wife was perusing the displays like an experienced shopper on a mission, as I kept looking for a Starbucks or a Pretzel Factory.
I was unsuccessful.

I would like to give clothing stores far and wide a little hint.
To increase your profits, put a few chairs in the store for the fashionably challenged men to sit in so the wives can shop with total focus.
I'm sure my constant pacing from the dresses to the lounge wear section is distracting to the real shoppers. Give me a chair and a magazine and I don't care how long we shop.
Throw in a pot of coffee and I'll make an afternoon of it.

I bought two belts just for something to do.

Happy shopping.


Karen said...

Well, you're one up on my husband, who WILL NOT go on those excursions with me. To be fair, I hate them too. I spend as little time as possible in the mall, but even that is too much for him.

The chairs and coffee are provided in some stores, but they should be mandatory, I agree. It makes it more tolerable for men like you who humor their wives and go along for the ride. Doesn't feel like the life juices are being sucked right out of you in those stores?

beth said...

i agree !
men need chairs while we shop....

actually, in my house it's more like "you man, me stay home and watch football while i shop. that way nobody gets hurt"

you didn't know i spoke caveman did you ?

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow you get extra points for going but I agree a chair and some drinks their profits would soar!

slommler said...

I also agree! A chair would be perfect! My husband loves it when we go to a store that has a chair. Once we went to a store and they had a lounge right in the middle of the store. And bottles of chilled water. How cool is that?!

Janney said...

good on you for going! don't have a husband but I've heard some men feel self-concious in clothing shops...