Sunday, December 12, 2010

I just couldn't seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year.
Maybe online shopping has something to do with that. Being out in the trenches with the other shoppers and boxing out for position in Victoria Secret kind of gets the blood flowing and can put you in the Christmas mood.
Sitting in my heated home on and clicking various books into my make believe shopping cart doesn't bring to mind Santa Clause and Reindeer.

It was time for a road trip. So,after a few phone calls to set up an impromptu luncheon with my family members that were available and hungry, we donned our winter gear and headed for the Christmas adorned city of Philly. I needed me some Christmas spirit.

Philadelphia, our favorite city, offered just what I was looking for. After a lunch at our favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant we headed with full belly's to the streets for some Christmas shopping.

As evening approached it was obvious the city was decked out in her Holiday best. Chestnut Street came alive, an avenue of twinkling lights. As the temperature dropped the air was cold, crisp and clean, but not too cold. It was like Christmas movie cold.
It smelled like it could snow at any moment.
We window shopped down the same street Benjamin Franklin hoofed those many years ago.
I wondered if he shopped in Kitchen Kapers.
I doubt it. He probably invented half the stuff they were selling.

Walking the sidewalk with hunched shoulders and gloved hands we dodged fellow bag carrying shoppers.
A store door opened, the sound of a Bing Crosby Christmas tune escaped into the street, fading again as the door swung closed.
Chilled to the bone, we took a timeout in the local coffee shop.

I encountered a couple "excuse me's" and a smattering of "Happy Holiday's" as we shopped.
That's unusual, even in this city of Brotherly Love.

It must be Christmas time.
Now I have the Christmas spirit.


Joey said...

Awww - I need to do that! You created an awesome picture for me, Mark! Thanks!

beth said...

i think i might still be waiting for my inspiration....maybe tomorrow i'll try to make a heart with my creamer in my tea :)

and god knows that nobody but me says "excuse me" and "thank you" while shopping around here....

what is it with some people ?

Jerral Miles said...

It's been a long time since I've walked around Philadelphia at Christmas time. Your post today brought it all back... and I want to be there again. Thanks. I especially like the heart in a cup... makes me warm all over.

slommler said...

I shopped online and I shopped in person. Both were enjoyable and I managed to finish it all up. They are now all wrapped and sitting under the tree!! Ahhhh! A crackling fire and football!! Who could ask for anything more??

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Okay than I'll drop my list at yours in just a moment. Can you read Dutch?

Hope you have a wonderful time shopping and wrapping yourself in that spirit.

Here comes:
Boek :Nicolas Evans - De Vergeving
Zilveren Bel
Zonnenkap voor mijn lens/camera
Wollen wandelsokken schoenmaat 38
Twee glazen windlichten
Kerst ornamenten
CD bon

Should I continue or will you figure out first what this all means...Have fun and can't wait what Santa brings me this year.

Happy times from this foolish girl from holand

Formerly known as Frau said...

I'm happy you have it and hope it carries you through!

Karen said...

I have baked four kinds of cookies, wrapped atleast a gazillion presents, decked the halls until they decked me. And this year I'm chasing the blues.

I need an outing like yours, lovely description...vebetarian chinese, huh? Never heard of it!

Karen said...

Umm.. VEGETARIAN.. I do know how to spell.

Vicky said...

Sometimes you do have to "experience" it to get in the mood. I have lots of experience already... its called shoveling a bazillion inches of snow :) Perhaps I should try a trip to Philly too?

Marilyn said...

So good to hear the Christmas spirit found you. Have a wonderful Christmas! Love it when they make hearts and designs in the cream.