Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As my chores of Driving Miss Daisy continued yesterday,
I came upon an unexpected little treat.

After picking Mary Ellen up from her morning workout
my next scheduled chore was to deliver her to one of her off sight clients, Jennifer,
for a little Personal Training.

My original plan was to kill the hour or so while she trained by driving around the country side
while I played with my camera.
When we arrived at her property, I thought to myself, there are plenty of photo ops right here.

As luck would have it, Jennifer suggested that I take a stroll around the property to kill some time, that is after I had eaten a container of fresh stir fried veggies she handed me while saying, "Here, I brought you some lunch."

I mean, how nice IS this woman?
My wife has been training her for quite some time now, and we have learned during that time
that her heart is as big as the massive beautiful property she lives on with her husband.

How big is the property, would be the next logical question. Just let me say this.
They don't train in the house, or in the basement or in the dedicated workout room,
they train in their FIELD HOUSE!
Enough said.

What follows is just a little of what I was lucky enough to photograph.


Karen said...

Beautiful property!!.. and great shots, I'd think a woman took them if I didn't already know I was reading your post :-)

Oh, for a tennis court in the back 40 -

Alison said...

Great photos - thanks! And wow, a great property as your 'subject'!

beth said...

look at you mr. nature all full of nature shots !

these are great.....

and WOW.....i think i could live there !!!

Joey said...

Hey!!!! You can shoot?! LOVE these!! Happy Easter!