Saturday, October 29, 2011

Idiot commenters

I posted about Etouffee the other day and naturally, John Rambo left a comment that had nothing to do with the southern dish.

John Rambo must not like Etouffee.
He felt obligated to go on a rant about hating American women, on my blog.
Up until this post and his comment I thought I was playing with grown-ups here in the blogger world. It turns out I was wrong.

So now, not only was I forced to do that "verification" thingy because of computer scams,
I need to do the "moderator" thingy because of idiots like Mr. John Rambo.

Frustrating. Rambo is a hater who is trying to make a buck. I have no idea how that is going to happen. I believe Mr Rambo has visited me before, but I tossed it up to computer scam.
Mr. Rambo has gotten through the security of the dreaded "verification", so he must be human.

But he is a human that is not welcomed here.
This blog is called marks rants.....not John Rambo rants.
Bye John Rambo.


SueAnn said...

Yes this imbecile has hit my blog as well!!!
So boring and irritating all at the same time.

Debi@7Gates said...

I glanced over it and saw immediately what it was. He has some real deep issues, I'm afraid. I know that ticked you off, to say the least. Thanks for the picture; I was wondering what it looked like.

Formerly known as Frau said...

John Rambo is making his rounds....he has a lot of time on his hands! Funny one of my Canadian bloggers got his comment too so I guess he is moving on to other countries now!

Jerral Miles said...

You've done a service, Mark... We've had a reminder that the John Rambos are out there... not just lurking, but motivated and active...

dcpeg said...

My mouth was watering looking at your lovely meal -- until I read about "Rambo". What a jerk!

Janie said...

I've seen his rants before too (on Cozy Little House0...Must be a very unhappy person...
I Love Etouffee, lol..take that Mr Rambo!
Unfortunately and very sadly, there are immature people in every walk of life....(I like'd to point out to them that there is a difference between being "child-like' and "child-ish"..)