Saturday, October 15, 2011

A movie screening

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my first movie premier, a screening actually.
Not just anyone can attend a movie screening, you have to know someone.

Project 21 gave budding screenwriters, as well as established movie makers, 21 days to write, film, produce, edit and submit a short film less than 10 minutes long.
My brother Patrick thought this would be a fun thing to do.

The fact that he has never written a screenplay before didn't phase him.
He didn't know a cinematographer and the only sound equipment he ever operated was a $20 boom box purchased at KMart. The actor pool came from contacts my daughter Erin had, as she was in the theater club in college.

Hastily written emails and phone calls provided him with the actors, photographers and sound equipment he needed. The screenplay was already written.

Locations were found, meetings were had, and 21 days later he submitted his finished short film titled, "All My Love, Dad." He wasn't alone. Films from a half a dozen countries and 13 different States were entered. The screening date was finally set.

As my wife and I drove to the event which was being held in Philadelphia, I was actually nervous. We were going to watch about 15 films, my brothers being one of them. I didn't know what to expect. My only wish was that the crowd in the theater didn't stand up and start throwing tomatoes. Hey, this was his first film. My daughter played my sister in the film. The cinematographer was a college student and my brother with no directing experience was the director.
Hell yeah I was nervous!

I shouldn't have been. As we sat in the audience and watched the different films, I think I can say as unbiased as I can be, that his ranked in the top 5 of the ones we saw. It was great.
Everyone involved did a great job, the acting was top notch and look and sound of the film was professional.

The crowd reaction was good, everyone seemed to enjoy it.
It was a very exciting experience for all involved, even for the family members who attended.
I've never been to a movie screening before, but I think I'll be going to another because he's putting pen to paper as we speak, for his next venture.

Below are some of the stars. The tall guy in the back is the cinematographer standing with my daughter Erin and the screen writer, director, producer Patrick.

To check out the details go here to IMDb.


Marilyn said...

How brave your brother was to just jump and run with it. How wonderful everyone got on board and supported him in this very wild and crazy adventure. Wish him the very best on his next adventure. Now that his feet are wet, I will be curious to see where it takes him.

beth said... exciting !!

congrats to your brother for being an entertainer and and an artist.....that's talent !!

Zorana said...

Congratulations! He was obviously inspired by a true and touching story and there were no barriers for him. I'm happy for him and all that were a part of it.

Jerral Miles said...

Where can I see the film? I like the idea of a fifteen-minute film. I think I detect the hint in your writing that you'd like to do one ourself. I'd very much like to see it.

SueAnn said...

Wonderful!! What a great experience! Glad you had a fabulous time!!

Karen said...

Very cool!.. And perhaps you've got something to work on here yourself!...

missing moments said...

Kudos to your brother! How awesome!

dcpeg said...

Watch out, Hollywood, here they come! Your brother is someone special to have put his heart and soul out there like that. Wish I could see his film. The title makes it sound like something truly special.

Anonymous said...

you can watch it on youtube. look up "All My Love, Dad"