Friday, September 30, 2011

I always lock my house doors when I leave, even if I'll only be gone a few minutes.
Leave your car unlocked at the grocery store? I don't think so.
We lock them, put any valuables that are in the car under the seat, then arm the security system.
That's the world we live in.

Someone didn't get the memo.
As I was driving to the grocery store this morning I came across this farm

and noticed some thing unusual.
No, it's not unusual to see vegetable stands in my area, but it is unusual
to see a self service veggie stand.

Who's guarding the veggies? Where is the fence?
Where's the security for the eggplant?

It made me happy to see that there still is a little trust in the world.
If you want some of this farmers home grown goodies, just put your money in the coffee can and have a nice day.
Very cool!

As I ran my errands today, I cruised by my first house, which I bought in the early 80's.
The house sat on acre lot which was bare as a parking lot, the only green on it were weeds.
Those large healthy trees in the back yard were planted by my wife and I, which we brought home in pots in the trunk of our car.

The large tree in the foreground of the next photo was a gift from my neighbors, in memory of my Dad when he died in 1989.

It's fun to see how things have changed.


AutumnSkyRanch said...

There is a farm stand (well, actually more of a building) around the corner from us here in California. They have fresh produce as well as products made from their goat milk. There is an honor system when it's unattended and I also appreciate the trust they've placed in their customers.

dcpeg said...

I just love country folk. They still maintain many of the old, homey ways when one neighbor could trust and count on another neighbor. Thanks for the reminder!

beth said...

we have many of those self serve veggie stands around here....obviously, we are trustworthy in this neck of the woods....

BUT....the car and house are ALWAYS locked when we leave to go anywhere for any length of time.

Formerly known as Frau said...

That is how all the fruit/veggie stand by us are....some have camera watching. It's kinda a pain because if you only have a twenty you are buying twenty bucks worth so having smaller bills helps. I was shocked when moving here that they do Utah you wouldn't even leave a pumpkin on your porch.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I was amused that honor system veggie stands was your topic today since I just crossed the road to the farm behind me today to buy a pumpkin and they still use the honor system and have for years. How nice!

SueAnn said...

Love seeing the outdoor vending stand!! I saw one where they were selling honey and all things made by honey!! Just a price list and a lock box with a slot for money!! Ha!!
Loved it...someone could have just as well walk off with the box. They had been doing this for years...same box!!
There is hope after all!

Zorana said...

I want a produce stand like that! And I want fresh farm eggs! Can't believe that price! There is something very touching about trees and your memories about them.

Karen said...

Our farm stand this summer was "the honor system" and it worked very well. One of my etched wood bowls was taken, and a regular patron couldn't pay, but always left a note saying he didn't. I guess that's atleast honest. :-) The missing bowl was the only real casualty all summer.

Joycee said...

You sure don't see the honor system very much these days, it's just too tempting for the wrong kind of customer. My Dad was always a big gardener, after he retired he would plant almost an acre of just garden. How did two people eat that much, he gave it away. It gave him such pleasure to grow the veges, then share with friends, family and neighbors. Whoever stopped at that little rock house on highway 14 took home a sack of something from that garden!

Jerral Miles said...

I love your way of seeing the world. I'm glad to know there are people who reach out to the world the way that farm family does. Thanks for the reminder that there's still a lot of trust in the world.

Marilyn said...

I love it when I come across a trusting produce stand such as this, thanks for sharing it. We recently planted a tree in our yard and I have wondered if the next people that own our house some day will be the ones that benefit from it's beauty. I am so happy you could drive by and still enjoy these beautiful trees.