Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Fall spectacles are better than others

I love Autumn. I mean, who doesn't?
I have been inspired today with blogs like this at This old house2 and Delights of the Heart, that show Autumn at it's finest.
Just looking at these photos you can feel the crisp air. Can you hear the crunching of brittle leaves on the ground as you walk?
I do believe Autumn to be the best season EVER!

So I thought I'd share Autumn from my point of view.

Can you see the colorful leaves way over there on the beach?
Do you see the tree's leaves changing from green to yellow?

Of course you can't.
Because I'm in freekin Texas!

As the trees on my property in Pennsylvania are putting on Autumn show,
I'm in Texas where the four seasons are;


really hot

hell hot

and hot again.


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SueAnn said...

Oh I love the pic of the birdie!! So cool!
There's some color for you!!
Yes I see the leaves and they are fabulous!

Vicky said...

Too funny... in a few *cough* weeks we'll be thinking you have the better end of that deal! Great catch with the bird- very cool shot!

Marilyn said...

Isn't it a shame they can't plan better and put you in the northeast when the leaves are changing colors!