Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have you ever sat at a rail road crossing in your car
and watched the trains rattle by in front of you?

Do you count the cars as they go by?
I do.
Always have.
It's like, if I have to sit there while these trains go by
I want it to be worth it.
I want to set a record and count
the most cars I have ever counted before, ever.

Have you ever wondered what was inside all those cars?
I do that too.

I also wonder what is inside these things

These deck barges carry dry goods.
Under those covers could be lumber
or steel
or machines
or sugar.

Anything that can be moved
is moved
by deck barges.

I wonder what is inside.
I wonder if my Christmas IPod
is under one of these covers.

I hope Santa reads my blog.


Marilyn said...

We have barges on the river, but they don't look like these. They mainly carry lumber, maybe gravel, that sort of thing; but no Ipods. I think you need to talk to Santa to have your wife carry it home from him for you. That's what I think.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful shots! Now when I see any kind of container I think of how our belongings travelled from US to Germany and back and how painfully long it took...the slow boat to China!
I hope your Santa is nicer mine laughed at me when I asked for an ipad!

SueAnn said...

I hope Santa reads your blog too!!
Me...I want the Kindle Fire...
Hey Santa...listening???

missing moments said...

Yep, I wonder what are in the rail cars and what is moving down the river. Use to live in a river town on the Mississippi ...

bon bon said...

i never seem to arrive at the beginning of a train crossing, so it's hard to start counting at that point. still, good opportunity to day dream. and to try to guess what song the guy next to you is singing along with. ;o)