Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Muddy Mississippi

There is a reason they call it
the Muddy Mississippi.

It's really muddy.

And speaking of there a reason the story of Bernie Fine, the latest teacher of kids turned alleged child molester, is buried on page 3 of Monday's USA's Today?

Has it become that common place that stories of child molesters are treated with a HO-Hum attitude?
Old Bernie lost his basketball coaching job at Syracuse University the other day.
It seems the administration didn't think to highly of the fact that Bernie liked to play doctor with a former ball boy for the team. Again, and I know this sounds familiar, allegedly this went on for many years.

Espn, who went after the Penn State coach ( Sandusky) like a dog with a bone, now mentions in passing Bernie Fine's problems after the "Top Ten Plays of the Week" and before the latest news on the NBA lockout.

Page one of USA today had a story on the Occupy protest, like that's news, and a story on the holiday retail sales numbers over Thanksgiving. I was wondering about those numbers.

Page 2 of the USA Today had a story on Newt Gingrich and a Wisconsin Governor.

Page 3, finally a story on Bernie Fine, right next to a story on the trained horses at our border fighting the drug trade.

I'm sorry, but Bernie Fine and Jerry Sandusky's photo should be plastered on page one, everyday, with a story of what monsters they are.


SueAnn said...

And I say...YES!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Amen to that! They are coming out of the wood work! Monsters.....and then there is that idiot Cain...don't get me started on that one!

alessandroprimerano said...

poi :)

Jerral Miles said...

Now that morning news programs have become reality shows, with reality shaped any way the presenters want it to look, I'm not surprised anymore when people who abuse children while enjoying hero status wind up on page 3 instead of making headlines on page One. Thanks for you writing today.

Marilyn said...